Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Kingston (and Chris)

On Friday afternoon we went to Memphis to help Kingston and Chris celebrate their birthdays. We got to eat at Huey's for dinner on Friday night which used to be a favorite of mine when we lived there. Kingston had a great party at Chuck E. Cheese. I didn't take any pictures but am couting on Jamie to post some on her blog that I could steal. The pictures are similar to all my other Chuck E. Cheese pictures. Be happy that still pictures do not include sound! It was a fun trip and then we enjoyed playing cards with the Barbers and Griffins and eating birthday cake with Chris to celebrate his birthday (which was Sunday). We ended up staying Saturday night due to weather. Chris got up the next morning and bought doughnuts for Jamie for Mother's Day, which she so graciously shared with us, and he bought me a rose for Mother's Day - thanks again Chris and we hope you had a great birthday!