Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving...

from our 1 little 2 little 3 little Indians (third Indian not pictured).

Turtle Indians

Today was Jude's Thanksgiving program at preschool. It was precious and it was a great morning for us because he was excited about doing it so he was easy to get ready this morning!! Jonathan and I went in late to work and Ella was really wanting to go but since she has been ill so much she couldn't. We did take video. They were decked out in their Indian gear with their drums...so cute. They also sang some great turkey songs. Important to note - they served goodies (or better yet, they ATE goodies) after all their hard work!

Got one...

not a deer but Mimi did get a picture of the boys "hunting".

Sunday, November 23, 2008


The kids love to go out and get the Sunday paper. Today was Jude's day...unfortunately for Jude, he does not like to wear pants and it was chiiiily! Jonathan and Puh headed off to the Titan's game where Jonathan was apparently bad luck as they lost their first game of the season! At home, I was able to get the Christmas card pictures made which was great to check off my list. It was interesting to take all three munchkins to church alone but I made it - and they were all really well behaved! I am really looking forward to a family filled short week! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone - and happy travels for those traveling!

Last week in pictures

The Birthday Boy
Ella still loves to hold Gabe

My gym

Nerdy little Gabey!

Kids cooking!

Last week was quite hectic. Monday night is kids cook night. We usually make pizzas - which is the picture I included - but this week we actually made quiche. The last time I made it they would not eat it but this week they did! They got to add everything themselves. Mimi and Pops also spent the night on Monday night then came back through White House on Tuesday night and took us to dinner for Jonathan's birthday, which was Thursday. On Wednesday afternoon I took Ella and Jude to My Gym where they had a blast! I also had to take my car to the shop...yes, again - so I was in a "car" which made me realize...I DON'T want a car with three kids!!! Anyway, Thursday I worked and then had to go back and pick up my vehicle. I also worked on Friday and my car battery died in the pick up line at school. Oddly enough it was the day that I got there really early and was in the front of the line. Two hours later and one call to On Star for some roadside assistance and I was on my way! Did I mention the hot water heater AND the heating and a/c unit blew at the rental house as well as the battery back up, light fixture and Brooke's chair monitor at work? We also put up our Christmas tree this year. I will post a picture of that beauty later. On a positive note - I won my battle with Hendersonville Hospital and got my refund PLUS discount..YES!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


So, I was tagged by Amanda to :Go to your fourth picture folder and then go to the fourth picture in the folder. Write four things about the picture and then tag four other people. It's amazing what you'll find!!! And the winner is....
This picture is from the Sandlin's visit when Ella was 1...
1.) I miss our dental school friends sooo much - and sometimes being in Memphis but don't tell anyone.
2.) Kids grow up tooooo fast.
3.) Caroline and Ella are alot alike.
4.) The ball popper is STILL a great toy!
I am going to tag - Lindsay, Jessica, Carmen and Joni because I think they *might* do it!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

She's in the paper!

Apparently Ella was in the paper a few weeks ago. We were out of town when it came out then the next week was the week Jonathan was in the hospital so I didn't get it. I called the paper and they graciously sent me a copy so I could share it with everyone - but mostly so I could embarrass her when she gets older! She's the one with a sheep on her shoulder. Thanks Amanda, it is a great sheep by the way!

Monday, November 17, 2008


The whole music thing is not doing as I want it ...the point of Kid Rock was because he performed at the CMAs the point of Brad Paisley was the whole deer hunting thing...oh well. I hope you like Kid Rock.


Once again, Puh came through for us on the CMAs. Unfortunately I felt terrible and Carmen had some school work she wanted to get done. We didn't think we would go but we both rallied at the last minute and went. It was a great show and we did get to go backstage and see Reese Witherspoon up close and personal. Hopefully we can score some passes next year again and we will be on the top of our game - like last year....if you want to call it that. Anyway, no pictures were even taken. I thought I might take one of Carmen walking down the red carpet but I really felt that bad that I didn't want to make the effort...so sad!

Girls night in and boys weekend out

I am first off very sad there are no pictures to go with this post. Jonathan, Phillip, Lofton and Jude went deer hunting in West Plains this weekend. Ella and I stayed at home (Gabe was there too but he just goes along with whatever). I had big plans of things to do with Ella but she came down with strep throat and an ear infection on Tuesday and since I waited to take her to the doctor until Gabe had his 2 month appointment, she didn't have antibiotics until Wednesday. Off the subject...Ella and I spent Friday night in - painting nails, eating pizza, making brownies and watching Enchanted. On Saturday we hit the movies to see Madagascar 2, did a little shopping and then had some lunch. It was a great weekend and would have been even sweeter if Eli had not come down with a stomach virus so him and Amanda were not able to come...hope you guys are feeling better!!! I am sure Pops and Mimi took some pictures that I can put on here later. **edit - the "little" boys did not do any hunting - they played with Mimi, think crafts, cooking and riding around on the 4 wheeler!**

Saturday, November 8, 2008

First sleepover

Ella went to her first sleepover last night! The Rose family was brave enough to host Ella for the evening. We met for dinner then the adults stayed up playing games. Apparently the girls went to bed soon after we left - around 9:30. They were up with the birds this morning before 6:00. Ella ate them out of pancakes this morning! I think both girls had a great time. Thanks Nick and Debbie!!!

So cute

I was getting out the kids clothing for church tomorrow when I lined up their shoes. I thought they looked so cute sitting there together that I had to take their picture...like the three bears.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lions and Tinmans and Dorothys - Oh My!

Due to my laziness, I am combining Trunk or Treat at church and actual Halloween. Naturally the costumes are the same - the only difference is Jude refused to paint his face on Halloween. I think obvious to all is the fact that Ella is Dorothy, Jude is Tinman, Gabe is the cowardly lion, I was the Wicked Witch and Jonathan was the Scarecrow. Ella really wanted me to be Glinda the good witch but all the costumes were so expensive and a little tight considering Gabe is only 7 weeks old that I decided to go with the freer (is that a word) flowing witch costume - much more economical as well! My mom made Ella's costume (Marilyn's mom had started it for Jenna and had the all the pieces - Nana had to sew it together and add accessories - thanks Big Audie!), and the rest were ordered online in September. On Halloween my parents, Marilyn, Casey, Audie and Jenna all were over for dinner. Audie pleased Ella as she came dressed up as Glinda! She looked great! We did very little actual door to door visiting but we did hit a few houses. The kids (and adults) had a great time.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kindergarten Halloween Party

This was Ella's first big school party. Jonathan and I were both able to attend. She seemed to have fun. They had games, food and of course enough candy for a large country. Ella has a cold or something so all Jonathan and I heard the whole party was Ella clearing her throat! The best part for Jonathan was that they let us check them out early and we didn't have to come back and wait in car rider line...ah yes, I still despise the car rider line!

Pajama day!

Thursday was PJ day for Ella's Kindergarten class as well as Jude's turtle class. His PJ day was for his Halloween party and I believe Ella's was for the letter P - honestly I am not sure though. Jonathan had the privilege of attending Jude's party and apparently he was a big hit as I don't think any other dad's were there. He had fun and let the kids take some pictures with the camera. I am not really quite sure what all the pictures are about but here they are!

Pumpkin patch

Last Sunday after naps we finally made it to the pumpkin patch. We tried a new one this year because we sort of ran out of time. It was closer to home than the one we had gone to in the past. It was less crowded but just as much fun. You can see from the pictures a few of the things there were to do. Even at the tail end of the pumpkin patchin' season, there were still pumpkins to be had!