Friday, August 29, 2008


To make me feel better about Ally leaving Jude said "Mama, you know when Nana and Pepaw take me to their house, they ALWAYS bring me back." My parents were the lucky ones that took Ally to their new owners in KY. I think he could almost be mad at them for making me cry.

Also, when I went to pick Ella up from school yesterday she was asleep on the sidewalk where she was waiting for me. I would say this has been a long first week!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bye Bye Ally!

Okay, so what is almost as bad as sending your "baby" to Kindergarten? Giving away your dog that you have had for 10 years. Yes, those of you who love your pets and do not have children, please don't judge. We (meaning Jonathan and I) love Ally but she was not a big fan of the kids and really they were not big fans of hers. She was beginning to spend most of her time hanging out in the closet where no one would bother her. Some neighbors of my parents were interested and sent their youngest child to college last weekend. They are very excited and have bought her a new doggy bed without even seeing her. I was sad and have shed tears over her leaving. It is what is best for her though - us too. Anyway, I was crying so I didn't even take our picture saying bye to her. All Ella wants to know is if we are getting another dog, fish or crab! And Jude wants to know if I am sad like this when he leaves.

Monday, August 25, 2008

This looks bad

Okay, so this picture looks bad considering the previous post of Jude wearing Ella's dress up shoes. The reason behind it was that Jonathan lives vicariously through Jude's long hair and does not want me to cut it. I was having a little trouble with it yesterday for church so I put it up and sent him to tell Jonathan he was ready. Jonathan is the one who said he needed his picture taken. Yes, he does look happy about it in the picture but that is only because I have him trained to smile when a camera is out...He was ready for the ponytail - or whatever you would call it - to come out! He also has breakfast all over his face!

When the cat is away....

This is where I found Jude this first he had the red pair on. And yes, he is in blue camo underwear. I guess there ARE advantages to having the house to yourself (as he is coming to find me wearing pink fuzzy slippers)!

It seems just like yesterday....

Today starts the first "full" week of school for Ella. For the next two weeks the focus is on colors. One would hope they would know their colors before Kindergarten but I guess it is just something fun for them to do and an easy start (I really don't mean anything bad by that comment, just a thought). Anyway, they are to dress in a certain color this week and next. Ella and I went through her clothes last week to pick out this week's attire. Then I had the great idea (and I use that phrase loosely) to paint her fingernails to match so yesterday we went to Target to pick out the polish. I will post a picture of her with the purchases later.

Anyway, on to the title of the post....Remember the story of her being afraid to go into school by herself and then saying "remember that time I was scared" and I said "you mean yesterday?". Well today, I decided to bring it up. This time I said "remember when you used to be scared to go into school?" and she said "yep, it seems just like it was yesterday". It made me laugh.

On a side note, it is only 8:53 a.m. and Jude is already missing Ella - and by that I mean he is hanging out under my feet!! One more side note - is it bad that she asked me on the way to school why I was wearing my glasses - am I embarrassing already???

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A week off!

As they "phase" Ella into Kindergarten she went 3 days last week then only 45 mins yesterday for testing for this week. I don't know that I would necessarily call that a phase in but maybe. Anyway, as I have stated previously, last week was so hard for me - letting her go, getting up early, the car rider line and so on....Guess what? This week I am ready for her to go back! We had fun yesterday spending time together but she oh so needs to be in school! All of that to say, I am happy to announce that I am finally ready and I am feeling pretty confident that I can make it through next week - and that I would never make it as a home schooler! There is always Fall and Spring breaks, right?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kindergarten test day

Ella had her first "test" today for Kindergarten. She did well but knew things we didn't think she would get right then balked on things she has knows since she was two (like her address)! We took her to lunch afterward to eat Mexican - her choice but Jonathan still thinks I put her up to it - she got a pedicure, Sonic slushy AND got to pick a toy at Wal-Mart. It was a good day to be Ella except for now she is broken out in a terrible rash and does not feel well. Maybe there is too much of a good thing? or it could be the 19 mosquito bites she got while playing outside Sunday evening.

Monday, August 18, 2008

LONG overdue visit that was too short

Caroline arranging the pose
no cooperation!
Jack and Ella
Ella and Caroline
Jack was in some costume at all times!
Ella and Jack paddling off.

Carolee brought her kids (well only 2) to visit us for one short night that was long overdue! All the kids had a great time. Some of the highlights were the slip-n-slide, puppet shows, markers, costumes and on Monday morning swimming and playground. I regrettably only got my camera out for the pool and playground event! Sorry Carolee, I didn't get any pictures of you!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 3

Project from today - actually pretty accurate - the red blob in front is our proud!

I promise, the posting thing will settle down soon but Ella is officially done with her first week of Kindergarten. Yesterday she was "nervous" because I had to drop her off in the car rider line and she had to go in by herself. Today, as we were waiting to drop off, she said "tell me when I can unbuckle" then said "remember that time I was a baby and was afraid to go in by myself?" I said "you mean yesterday?" - no response. So, it comes her turn to get out and she is off. The lady at the curb had to send her back because in her haste to get into school she left her backpack and much for needing me, huh...all I do is drive her there!

Shower (or Pool) for Baby #3

The girls!
Posing with the diaper cake
Lil' stinker onsie
Ella DYING to eat cake
Victoria with her creation - which was great!!
Ms. Sandy was there and Jude could not get enough!

The girls at the office so graciously threw us a baby shower yesterday. Ella was very excited. She took a 2 hour nap after school and was ready for the baby pool - I told her baby shower but it was easily confused. She didn't understand why it was called a baby shower and when we got there Jude just asked where the baby was. The girls had some GREAT food. It was Mexican themed and I could have eaten all night but then I would not have had room for Victoria's cake -which she made ALL from scratch and it was extremely yummy! The baby got some great gifts and it was so sweet of them to stay late at work for us. Jonathan actually joined in on the action playing the baby food game where he tasted all of them...gross - and only missed one (and the tie breaker just for fun - it was mac n cheese). Thanks again girls!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I can't help myself

One more story for the day. I ordered pizza for the kids for dinner. It took a little longer than I had anticipated and they were STARVING. So, the pizza man rings the doorbell which of course makes both kids and the dog run to the door. He opens the door and Ella says "What took you so long" followed by Jude saying "Did you have a flat tire?" His response was "I'm old" - and he was....I tipped him well.

Quick Story

I spent a couple of moments today reflecting - as Ella was at work with me - on the days that Ella came to work with me every day when she was two. (Don't worry, no tears) Anyway, I can think of SO many moments of my near insanity and also my moments of feeling so blessed to be able to bring her with me. The story that I thought of today is this:

Ella was 'supposed' to be taking a nap in the playroom and I was in the front doing what I do. I was on the other line and my second line rang a couple of times. I noticed that it was answered. It took me to a second to realize that it was Jonathan's "office" - which is the playroom. I went back there to find Ella standing in the window on the phone. Apparently the conversation with the patient went like this:

Ella: Hello
Patient: Hi, is this Dr. Griffin's office?
Ella: yep
Patient: Can I make an appointment?
Ella: Do you have a car?
Patient: Yes, why?
Ella: Because you need one to get here....

I walked in at this point and the conversation was over. Luckily the patient was a good sport and made an appointment anyway and yes, she did have a car.

*TO CLARIFY - this happened when Ella was 2. I was just thinking about it today*

Jude is now a TURTLE!

Jude started his year as a Turtle today. He was a bit apprehensive at first claiming he still wanted to be a Ladybug. We told him that big boys were Turtles so he decided he would go. He stopped by to say hey to the Ladybugs then happily went into his Turtle class. I am also happy to report there were NO tears - by me or by him!

Ella's first day of school party - and craft!

After the terrible car line we went to the park with Carmen, Lofton and Landon park to play for a bit then we went to their house for dinner. Phillip made some great chicken salad sandwiches, mac n cheese and homemade honey mustard dressing! Jude and I had bought Ella an ice cream cake to celebrate the big event. When we got home she showed me her Little Miss Muffet crafts - she was actually wearing the hat when I picked her up...for an hour with her friends!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Jude's appointment

Great news on the Vitiligo home front! The dermatologist said the most common questions are: Why? and How Bad? Oddly enough, the only two questions that can't be answered. He did say that pigment loss is usually symmetrical and the fact that it was only on one side of his body says that a.) he can most likely stop it, b.) he can most likely re pigment it (easily) and c.) it is very likely there will NOT be any other issues to deal with. He gave us a cream to use on him twice a day and we go back in 3 months to have it re-evaluated. He did say that he would be more prone to having areas that lost pigment if he scraped his knees, or any other body part. They recommended that he wear knee and elbow pads if her ever played street hockey. The intern said she doubted that is mom would ever let him do that (probably because I burst into tears when the nurse came in...I told you, it was ALL day) He also said that Jude was a "very cool kid", which we think so too.

Ella's first day

Posing with backpack and lunchbox
Posing with brother
and Dad
and Mom
and in front of school!

Here she is at her desk...ready for me to leave!

So, the question is - Did I completely make an idiot of myself crying today? And the answer is a resounding YES! I seriously don't think sending her to Kindergarten is that terribly sad but the tears would NOT stop flowing. I can't even begin to count how many times I spontaneously burst into tears. It was bad enough that Ella said I was embarrassing her and also asked to ride the bus! She made it and I made it though. She LOVED her teacher and had a great day. On the downside, I had to wait in the "car rider line" for an hour and fifteen minutes. When I finally got to her (and was crying) her teacher said she had a great day and was very smart. Hopefully they can get some kinks worked out so it won't take so long!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Megan's Baptism

We got up early this morning to go down to see Megan be baptised. Ella, our morning girl, did great. Grumpy Jude on the other hand did not like getting up and was not on his best behavior (but okay) in church. Megan looked so cute in her beautiful dress. Ella was a little thrown by her wearing such a long dress. We had brunch with the Kane/Horne crew at Mark and Jessica's house following. They are so much fun! Grandpa Don took lots of pictures so I will have to post some of his when I get them. Thanks for inviting us - we enjoyed it!

Friday, August 8, 2008


I was attempting to explain the Olympics to Ella - actually a hard concept with all the sports, different countries, every two years (winter and summer), medals and location...anyway, it started like this:

Me: Ella, do you know what an athlete is?

Ella: Yeah, you mean like a cheerleader.

Okay, not exactly what I meant but gymnastics is one of the sports!

10 years

As well as marking the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics (or Flimpics - as Ella calls them), Jonathan and I are celebrating - celebrated our 10 year anniversary. I could get all sappy about it but those that know Jonathan and I would find that to be weird. I will say that 10 years has flown by and that I am sure the next 60 will too.


I called Vanderbilt this afternoon around 4:15 or so to see about setting up Jude's appointment for who knows when. As it turns out, they had a cancellation on Monday morning at 9:30. So, pray for me as Monday should be an interesting day with dropping Ella off at school then heading down to Vanderbilt for Jude's appointment.

Jude's 3 year check up

Jude was a great patient! He did his hearing test, eye test, weight and height. Luckily for the nurse we put some powder in his stinky old shoes so she would not throw up when he had to take them off! He is right at the 50% mark in height and weight. They are estimating his height to be around 5'10" as an adult. Whatever that is - I don't know that I believe you can really estimate that. Anyhow, the only issue is the skin pigmentation issue that we have known about but did not seem to be a problem. Dr. Keith believes it to be Virtiligo. Oddly enough, the same thing that Michael Jackson has (makes me so proud). There are some other issues that go along with it that I really don't want to think too much about. He gave me a referral for a pediatric dermatologist at Vanderbilt that he thinks will take a long time to get into. For now, I am doing the dreaded reading on the Internet and praying... Dr. Keith is checking into any correlation between that and his seizures. I guess I will give more info when I know!

They are baaaaack!

Ella and Jude have returned from their last adventure of the summer. They left last Saturday to spend a few days with Pops and Mimi. They took a trip to Silver Dollar City, went fishing (where Ella caught a HUGE fish - Jude caught a big one too), had a tea party, did some cooking and had a great time! On Wednesday they went to KY to stay with Nana and Pepaw until we could meet them on Thursday night to pick them up. They did some swimming in KY where they both were big fans of the diving board. They are home now and just waking up from a 2 hour nap! We have a few things planned for the weekend and then off to Kindergarten on Monday - more to come on that!