Monday, July 20, 2009

On the road to recovery

The tonsil removal was last Wednesday and until about Saturday I would have told you how horrible it was. However, I am beginning to see the "light" and can now say that she is doing well! I am excited at the idea of no strep throat, sore throat and sleeping better. Ella still wishes she never would have had them out but I am also hoping that memory for her will fade! Thanks for all the prayers, cards, gifts (who knew you got so many presents when you had your tonsils out) and phone was appreciated.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 4th

Again, we were not settled but decided to go ahead with the 4th plans since everything would be outside...until it rained! We had fun, didn't get to see fireworks until 10 and everyone was gone but the day was great - complete with the 50 ft waterslide Jonathan rented! The best, of course, was hanging out with our friends! Thanks for making it yet another memorable 4th - we love you guys! (I was horrible with the pictures! I will have to take some from my friends.)

Just working

Jude and Jonathan ventured under the house today to look for the cutoff valve...which was not there. Jude was ready though in his hat and boots. When he came back in he said "under the house was pretty boring, Mom." Don't tell Daddy - I think he liked it!

Our new pet

or as I like to call him...urinating frog. The McConnells were over the other night when Carmen noticed the big guy near the pool. Puh picked him up and he peed. Lofton held him too...I was NOT a fan. He is starting to grow on me though as I have seen him every night since. Jonathan pulled him out of the skimmer this morning. (he's still alive)

Birthday Party

As I said before, Jude's birthday was in the middle of crazy times. We did pause for some swimming, pizza and cake! Thanks for everyone that helped celebrate.


Jude loves to work puzzles. He did this one earlier this week.

Happy 4th Birthday Jude!

On June 30th Jude turned 4. We were in the middle of moving and things were crazy. Actually, we spend the first night in the new house on th 29th so he woke up in his new house on his birthday. We met Mimi and Pops at Cracker Barrell for some birthday breakfast. The day was capped off with Chuck E Cheese (a Jude favorite)!

Here are Ten Things about Jude:

1.) He is great at working puzzles. (see other post)
2.) He can count to 100 (even count by 10s to 100) but he leaves out 13 every time.
3.) He is great at entertaining babies - but does NOT like to hear them cry.
4.) He's good at sharing.
5.) He is very loving and not a day passes that he does not tell me that he loves me (and the whole family).
6.) He does NOT like getting his hair cut.
7.) He loves salad and will eat most things.
8.) Some of his favorite phrases are "I need to ask you something" "I need to tell you something" or he just says your name over and over until you say "yes Jude".
9.) He has learned to swim - or is learning to swim....which is a huge improvement over his sinking routine over the past 4 years!
10.) He is fun to be around but can be very quiet. I always say that he will be the one we accidentally leave in a rest stop bathroom.
Happy Birthday Jude - We love you!

New Bike!

We implemented a ticket system at our house a few months ago. The rules are simple. You earn tickets for making good choices, loose them for making bad ones. Jude decided he wanted to save up for a bike. Ella wanted one too but Jude earned his tickets faster (because Ella had used some of hers for something else). Anyway, this was the happy moment. Ella took her camera too. Since then, Ella has earned her bike but I forgot my camera :( (And he did get to ride it through WalMart which may have been the best part!)


Back almost a month ago (6/18) Jude had his first sleepover with Lofton. Lofton's birthday is the 19th so the boys got to start Lofton's 5th birthday off together. Jude has been wanting to sleep over with Lofton for a while and since I was having the big yardsale and Ella was at Nana and Pepaw's house it worked out great. They are getting so big. (That's Jude's first aid kit in his hand...must be prepared)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

So much to catch up on!

I have no pictures because I am way too tired to download all of them from my camera but I am alive and I need to remind myself what to post! I think it is safe to start with we have moved into the new house. That was an ordeal to say the least. We are in though, our stuff is everywhere (and boy do we have alot of stuff...just ask our family and friends). Jonathan and his dad put down new flooring on the first level. It looks great but took a while so it left us scrambling to get all our stuff out of the old house. It is done though, the floors look great and we all survived - barely.

Next up was Jude's birthday (he will get his own post). He turned 4 and is so much fun.

July 4th came next, which was a blast....our house was a mess but the pool and yard were ready to go and we enjoyed it!! Jonathan rented a blow up waterslide for the festivities and the adults and kids alike loved it.

This week Ella is at golf camp! She is having so much fun and loving every second. She won the chipping contest and they called her the chipping chipmunk.

Next week Ella has her tonsils an adenoids removed. I am nervous but am hoping that she feels better and it make a difference for her and her sleeping habits!

On the Gabe front, he is a crazy man that cannot be contained. He has suction cups for feet and loves to make a good mess and he is great at it! He did take a big spill down the steps this morning but seems to have recovered....he never cried but he was not really sure what happened.

Pictures to come....