Sunday, August 30, 2009


Riley had a multiple girl sleepover for her birthday this year. Nick and Debbie were very brave. I think they did well. Ella, I am pretty sure, was the last one to sleep and I am going to guess the first one up. She had a great time though. Jonathan and I stuck around for a little bit. We ate some pizza then brought Reagan back some powdered donuts.

Nothing says "thanks for inviting my daughter spend the night" like purple hair dye and a hair extension maker. Actually Ella had the pink version of the hair stuff and loved it - against school codes, perhaps but Fall Break is right around the corner.

Our butterflies

Ella's butterfly habitat has been sitting here since December. I finally ordered the butterflies. Well, I forgot to check the mailbox so I think I left them sitting in there for a day. I was pretty sure they were all dead until....ahhh, beautiful chrysalis....when the kids were out of town. I moved them over to the net. I thought I had done something wrong because I watched them diligently for a week - last week while just Ella was here. So, nothing has happened. Until we go out of town for one night...guess what - yep, butterflies. We pretty much missed the whole thing. Hopefully they will survive long enough for us to feed and release...more pictures to come.

Scuba Steve

As well as remodeling the house, we are in the midst of finding a pool leak (after replacing the salt system that burn up). Scuba Steve looked high and low last weekend to no avail. We are sending the big guns in tomorrow with real scuba gear...hopefully our problem will be solved!

House - in progress

color on walls and cabinets primed
walls painted/floors in/trim repainted/light fixtures are new

These are the "middle" pictures. The paint is up but curtains and accessories are not. But you can get the idea. In the bathroom we still have to replace the floor, cut off some screws for the handles, we have bought the lighting but it is not in and re texture the walls. In the living room, the trim needs to be put in and some pictures/accessories on the walls. We are hoping to build in a desk but want the kitchen finished first. I would not even say it is in progress yet. The handles are off and holes are filled, extra cabinets ordered, floor is in and hardware is here but that is it.

House Pictures - before

Random Pictures

watching cartoons

Gabe had spaghetti -again

After Lofton's Mimi sent him some boots, Jude had to revisit his boots from the fall...I am thrilled that they still fit and even more thrilled that they look so great with shorts. This time he has added a hat.

Dressing up to go pick up our car that had been in the shop - you always need to look your best.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Missing my kids!

Jude is in Missouri for the week visiting Mimi and Pops. Aunt Jamie and cousins Camden and Kingston are there too. They have a fun week planned that includes fishing and going to Silver Dollar City as well as baking - and eating.

Gabe is staying with my parents where apparently he likes to nap and loves to eat. He is enjoying his "only child" status there.

Of course, Ella is here with us. She is also enjoying her "only child" status. We have big plans for the whole week too. Monday was pedicures and dinner (also an overdue visit to the pediatrician for the swimmer's ear diagnosis and $102 ear drops). Tuesday, well it got squashed but we will make up for it with Cheesecake Factory and Trader Joe's later this week as well as a haircut and the week ends with Riley's HSM slumber party.

I am behind, waaaay behind in on my blog - somethings I am sure you are dying to see:

Spaghetti Gabe - again
Dress up in our best to pick up the car (Ella's first sick day)
Progress of our caterpillars to butterflies (they have not made it to butterflies yet)
Our finished living room (the only room in the house done - besides the hallway)

Monday, August 17, 2009


At breakfast on Ella's second day of school (she so far has only made it to 3 days...missed a day and a half already sick) - ANYWAY, second day of school. Ella was eating breakfast:

Ella : Mom, did you do cartwheels all day on Monday?
Me: What are you talking about cartwheels?
Ella: Well Ms. Sherrod (her teacher) said all our mama's were home doing cartwheels

....poor Ella, I hope she eventually gets her teacher's sense of humor. I had to explain what she meant.

Friday, August 14, 2009

We went to the creek

Piggy Toes
"Skipping" Rocks


a tad cold

needing some help


last week to ride some bikes. Of course, I took my camera. I have edited the images but I don't know if they are turning out correct.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Day of FIRST GRADE!

there she goes

And there are the pictures to prove it. She did great, came home excited and is ready to go. I am so happy that she is happy about school. Today was the first full day and she hopped into the car excited about her day. Nana and Pepaw came down on Monday for her first half day and picked her up and took her out for lunch - they only went until 10:30. She got some new school supplies and is ready to go for the year! Mom did good too - no tears were shed on the outside. I am not going to was hard to watch her walk off but last year was harder.

Jude's a Butterfly

Well, these were really pictures from his first day as a Honeybee but he moved up two days later to a Butterfly. He is loving his new class so far and doing great!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where has the summer gone?

Gunna eat a carrot?!
4 little monkeys....Ella with her post surgery favorite that Puh made for her - STEAK!

A dancer AND a swimmer

Our first tomato...or as Ella calls it - our baby!

I think most of it was consumed by moving and the tonsil removal! Ella did spend a week at golf camp at Nana and Pepaw's house as well as both her and Jude going to West Plains for a week. Jude also had a sleepover with Lofton, Ella had one with Riley and Gabe went to KY for a few days. We did alot of swimming and had alot of cookouts. There was also a birthday party and 4th of July bash. The kids enjoyed VBS at our church talking about the Superheros of the Bible. Ella got to spend the Saturday in KY at my parents VBS too at the tail end of her golf camp. We didn't make it to the beach this year but let's NOT forget our camping trip (see previous post). The summer has seemed so long but so short at the same time. It has been another great time with lots of memories that have been made with our friends and family. I can't believe Ella will be a 1st grader next week. I am going to do better this year tears (or at least none for anyone to see and I won't rat myself out). Here are some recent pictures of summer fun.