Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy (belated) Birthday, Jude!

He was actually really embarrassed about all the attention with the cake in the face...

Jude had over a month of birthday celebrations! It started in May with a trip to Pops and Mimi's house where he had a Spiderman birthday. We moved on to celebrate with Nana and Pepaw with another Spiderman cake and a trip to eat Mexican food. Jude's "real" birthday was at the beach. Puh made pancakes then later we had some cupcakes. The celebration ended on July 3rd when we celebrated the 4th - and had cake for Jude! It got to be funny in that Jude was given special "privileges" because - Hey, he's the Birthday Boy!
On Jude's "real" birthday we hid had a scavenger hunt in the house for gifts and later rode go carts....I think he had a wonderful birthday month!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We all need a good supervisor!

He did get Pepaw to pull him around.

And Gabe was the man for the job! He consumed around 20 Popsicles that day!

I don't know where the Summer went?!

Gabe ate popsicles
and dressed up - or is that down?

We celebrated Puh's birthday

but didn't get the "cake" out fast enough for the little hungry ones...



and LOADS of ice cream!

We also did some swimming

and sliding!

I think Ella held the VBS record with attending 4 this summer. Jude hit 3.

Gabe enjoyed the watermelon/Oreo combo.

and apparently Reagan drank something red.

It started with my computer being fried and has ended with me not being able to catch up on my blog! We did have some fun between those two things.

Crawfish Boil

SO, what seems like years ago - but was really only May - we had a crawfish boil. It was weird to see dinner escaping and running down the driveway. The truth is, I never actually ate any and I am pretty sure I stuck to only non-meat items that day all together. I am sure the food was fabulous but the company was pretty good too.