Friday, May 22, 2009

Soccer, Camping and Loosing TWO Teeth

Literally "hanging out" on the bench
Just being a little bossy!

she's meditating in the middle of the field

look at that face

Thank you Puh, Carmen, Lofton and Landon for the necklace

look at those things!



the great outdoors

Yesterday was not only the last day of Kindergarten but it was also all of those things in the title. Mimi and Pops bought Jude a tent for his birthday (not until June 30) that Jonathan and the kids had set up in the yard yesterday. They were dying to sleep in it, so they did...but that is the end of this story....As we were leaving work, Jonathan and Ella decided they needed to pull two more teeth so she got hooked up to the gas and he shucked them out. Afterward, it was soccer. She was still numb for a little bit but I think it went away pretty quickly. They played a team of all boys that were pretty rough. Ella was scrappier than ever - those boys were not going to push her around. I have never seen her so aggressive playing soccer. The only problem was when she grabbed a boy by his shirt and put him on the ground. She had to be reminded of the "no hands rule". Other than than, all was well. We took her by Wendy's (her choice), watched her Kindergarten video, built a fire, made some Smore's and they slept in the tent....THEY slept in the tent. Gabe and I stayed indoors....Everyone was up by 5:30 though. On a side note, the tooth fairy forgot to get her teeth and leave money....she apparently came sometime this morning though :)!

Last Day of Kindergarten

First Day
Last Day

Here's the letter that saved me!

I almost missed it! I thought she went half a day on it turns out - May 21, 2009 was it. I picked up her backpack that morning and read a note from her teacher that Thursday was it! The story of my life, getting dates and times wrong....Anyway, luckily I had time to grab the camera. I took a picture of the note too. What a year it has been. Should I take this time to reflect? Probably not as I did not shed one tear yesterday and more than likely I would if given the time. Lets just say it has been a great year. Mrs. Jamie was more than I could have ever asked for or thought of - I am so thankful for her.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mismatched Day

If you know me, this was going to be hard...I had already laid Ella's clothes out for the day though and she had forgotten about it so this morning after she was already dressed she said something about it. Not too oddly enough, she didn't want to change her clothes, just wear one pink lip (with lipgloss) and one purple one. I did convince her to wear two different flip flops...she was fine with that as she used to love to do that in preschool everyday anyway. 1 1/2 more days of Kindergarten!!! (doesn't she look grown)

Keep Your Eyes on the Grand Old Flag!

Pre-program picture opportunity~

Jude had his end of the Turtle year program last night. The list of songs included You're a Grand Old Flag, I'm Very Special, Friends, Come and Go With Me, Days of the Week, Days of the Week - Spanish and my favorite...Turtle Rock. Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Demerist did a great job teaching them the songs and keeping them in line! Jude spent most of his time waving but did a nice job singing too. He got to take gum (new gum) to all of his friends today since he shared his gum on the playground yesterday with his friend Josh - you know the ABC kind of gum....(Already Been Chewed for those that need it spelled out)
In his class this year were Emma Atkinson, Olivia Chaffin, Isaiah Dunn, Annelyse Gilliland, Bryce Hill, Maci McDonald, Jessica Shaffhouser, Jackson Starks and Joshua Walker (or Joshy)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Career Day

Today was career day for Ella at school. When I saw the flyer I was so excited. We have a pair of scrubs where she could be a dentist or a vet or a doctor.....she wanted to be an actress or fashion model. Okay, so this morning I did hair, sprinkled some glitter and applied makeup....the major malfunction was when I went to add some glitter to her hair and accidentally dumped the whole bottle on it. We will have glitter in our bathroom for the rest of our lives. She loved it though! I will try to have my Mom take her picture when she actually gets out of school. I can't wait to see what she looks like then...should be good.

Mother's Day and Baby Day

Nana and Mimi's personalized gift bags?

Sunday was Mother's Day and Baby Day at church. We attempted to get a picture before we left. Attempted is the key word - about 30 pictures were taken. I personally love the one with the toys on my head. The best thing about being a mom? You cannot take yourself too seriously! (There are obviously many other great things but with three kids I am pressed for time! - maybe later...) Happy Mother's Day to Nana and Mimi!

Happy Birthday Kingston

Gabe had been doing a dental exam on Camden but he had stopped - luckily Camden has no teeth.
Hello pretty boy!

The Heros...

here comes trouble

the Green Goblin slime

On Friday we went to Memphis to celebrate Kingston's 4th birthday. The highlight was Kingston, of course. But, they also loved swimming in the pool at the hotel. Kingston had a great Spiderman birthday party but the cousins enjoyed playing with each other best. By the end of the party Ella had set up shop and was selling balloons to the party goers...even the birthday boy.

Student of the Month

Ella was Student of the Month for May. Her Best Bud Savannah was Student of the Month for April so they got to celebrate together (but that is not Savannah in the picture - they were not still long enough for me to get them )...she was very proud of were we.

Derby Day

Gabe as a jockey
Our hats
"Watching" the race

Mommy craft -picture coasters

The stuff to go on the hats

I am a little behind in my blogging. Last weekend was, of course, the KY Derby. We made some sweet Derby hats and all gathered to watch the race. Lucky for us, it is a short race so we made it through. It was a crafty weekend because I had intended on keeping with my theme of last year...crafting Mother's Day gifts....however, as I started the project it was more of a Mommy craft than a kiddie craft. They made the bags instead. Oh, we also dressed Gabe up like a jockey but it is on my phone and I have not gotten it off yet.