Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Little More Teeth Talk

Apparently, someone in the back is very excited about teeth!

Today was Jude's turn to have Daddy come to school. Jonathan went to WHCA Preschool to explain to kid all about their teeth...they were fabulous, as usual and Jude enjoyed Daddy being there.

Pops and Mimi take another Monday

Since I have picked up working on Mondays I have needed ALL the help I can get. As I have said before, Nana has been gracious enough to make the trip on Sunday evenings to stay with Jude on Monday and pick Ella up from school, make dinner, fold laundry....you know all the stuff you would have to pay most people for but Grandparents do it for FREE! This past Monday Pops and Mimi came for Round Two of Monday Duty!! Sunday was also Pops birthday so we cooked him some dinner complete with dirt cake (Ella's idea). Pops did some yard work, cooking and some handyman chores around the house and office while Mimi was on a major book reading spree to help with Ella's 100 books. She also hung with her personal trainer - Jude...he can really work you out! We took Pops to Bass Pro to pick out a birthday gift then to Macaroni Grill on Tuesday then they headed out. Thanks again for coming to help...we appreciate it!

Spring Break

Take 3

Take 2

Take 1

The Two finger suck...Gabe's favorite (Nana is in this picture but was cut out - sorry Nana)!

Pepaw takes a spin

That car was tiny!


We love to swim.

I am a little, okay, alot delayed in my Spring Break post. I love blogging but am having a hard time finding time to load pictures! In a nutshell here is what Spring Break consisted of - Friday through Tuesday: Gatlinburg with Nana and Pepaw. We went to the indoor water park (no pictures), caught up on some relaxing, ate at the Pancake Pantry, Apple Barn and the very best pizza place ever (don't know the name but really is something like what I said), ran (very little), kiddie amusement park, indoor swimming, a Santa convention (complete with parade and reindeer that only Ella was around to enjoy) and a bird show in the lobby which both kids - along with Nana and Pepaw enjoyed. Ella got to stay an extra day and then we hit the zoo with Megan, Mark and Jessica on Friday. It was Megan's first trip (Gabe's too) so the big kids showed them the ropes.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting Grades In Kindergarten!

Ella got her end of the nine weeks report card. As the sight words now number 121 she did great - 120 out of 121 (she missed "saw" - not that we are focusing on that, just saying). She also had her very first spelling test. She made 110! You would think she would be really proud of herself but when I asked her about that she just said - yeah, I did good. I guess that is great, but sometimes I think she doesn't realize what she is doing in Kindergarten?! This month was the month to read 100 books....we have been reading like crazy people and have put away 110 books! Anyway, I can't believe we are winding down her first year of school. It has gone by so quickly.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It has started already....

Translation: no boys allowed

Of course followed by No Cats and No Dogs. I asked her why no animals? Because she is allergic, of course!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Greatest Superhero of All Time?

Carmen taught a great Sunday school lesson on Jesus coming to save us and being our superhero (well I know it was great even though we were late and missed the majority of it). We did however come in on the Super Jesus (like Superman) badge making which was basically a Superman symbol with a J on the inside that had their memory verse on the back - it was really cute Carmen. Carmen poised the question "Who is the greatest Superhero that came to save us - his name starts with a J?" Naturally Jude thought it was him and answered the question with confidence. Unfortunately, he was wrong but we all laughed at him. He found humor in it at the time but does not want me talking about it now.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So sweet

Jude got $10 to attend his bookfair last week. He bought himself one book and then bought Ella one. He knew she had Pinkalicious and so he bought her Purplicious...how sweet is that?! Ella is still trying to think of what she can do nice for him!

Dental Health

Raise your hand if you have a question...not a story (seems to be a problem with children)

Jonathan went to talk to Ella's class for February dental health month. Of course, Jude, Gabe and I all tagged along. He did a great job and Ella loved her Daddy being there. You know Jude's love for public restrooms...this was no different. He got to check out the one in Ella's Kindergarten class too - he wanted to hit the one in the hall as well but we had to put a limit on it!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tea for Two....and more!

Birthday boy
Birthday girl

Ella "helping" Reesi
Makeover! Jude had one too but was not going to be documented with purple blush on.

Snacking at their self serve tea party - they did great and ate EVERYTHING!

Gabe posing with the birthday girl

Ella and Lofton

Reesi invited us all down to her house for a birthday celebration this weekend. The occasion: Larry and Reesi's birthday - The setting: tea party - The outcome: one spill, makeovers for Ella, Reesi and Jude, Landon "finding the garage", visiting with friends and loads of food consumed. Thanks for the invitation Reesi and we hope you and your daddy have a great birthday at Disney World! - thanks for the pictures I "stole" off your blog, Joni.