Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Truth - Justice - The American Way

Jude spent last week Pepaw sitting (sorry Pepaw but you could not have been in better hands). Nana was working while Pepaw was recovering from knee surgery. Jude made sure that Pepaw followed Doctor's orders. On Friday Nana and the boys went to Metropolis - the home of Superman so Jude could visit. Jude wanted Pepaw to hold him up so he could "touch Superman's underwear..."not sure about that one. Anyway, we missed Jude being gone for a whole week. Ella woke up the first day saying she missed him. Apparently they both became very lonely because they both adopted "friends" before the week was over. Jude's was Squirmy the Wormey and Ella's was Catty - The Caterpillar. When he came home Ella ran out to meet him and after a while I heard him saying (to himself) "everyone really missed me".

Monday, April 27, 2009

Class of 2021

Ella said "don't be sad...I'm not looking". I don't know exactly what it is she was looking at but it was something different than everyone else! They all look cute though and it won't be long until I am hunting this picture down to share in a graduation slide show....(more Kindergarten sadness).

Monday, April 20, 2009

We get to play with Ally again!

Jude just showin his muscles~
lovely kisses

enjoying a belly rub

On Sunday we were in KY visiting my parents when Ally and her new Mama came by to pay us a visit. Ally was recovering from a hysterectomy but was so full of life. It was great to see her and we are soooo relieved that she has found a wonderful home with owners that love her so much.

Jude has the perfect solution

for this crazy weather...cold then warm - who knows? This is what he wore all day on Friday. He called it the "one boot, one flip flop look".

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kindergarten Field Trip to the Zoo

Ella is crying in the "silly" picture because of what she was doing in the "normal" picture...
Being "silly" in the "normal" picture

Ella and Abagail with the giraffe

and the elephant

posing on a rock
with friends

the "sparkly fish"
not sure where they were...

feeding the "monster"

posing near the monkeys

Today was Ella's field trip to the Zoo. It was chilly and when Ella stepped off the bus she had left her jacket at school...of course I had picked one out that would look good in pictures...but what is a girl to do. She had to borrow a sweatshirt from Ben's grandmother that she had in her car! It kept her warm. Abagail, Ella and I took the zoo grand tour - we met up with Grace and her mom along the way and toured with them too. There was alot of "oooh how cute" and "I like the sparkly ones"...They had fun and I was worn out!

Easter - the REAL deal

not really sure why the Easter Bunny thought light sabers were a good idea

Mimi and Pops came in very late on Friday night in order to see Ella's soccer game on Saturday - which was delayed 3 hours then cancelled all together. Instead, we went to see Monsters Vs. Aliens in 3D (Mimi took a picture). It also worked out for me because I was not feeling well and was able to sleep in on Saturday AND take a nap. Sunday morning brought the Easter Bunny, swollen tonsils for Ella (followed by throwing up her Cheerios). Because of the aforementioned loosing of the Cheerios, Ella did not go to church...thus missing out on wearing her coordinating outfit for Easter and having her picture taken. The boys, however, were looking their nerdy best in matching outfits bought by Pops and Mimi. The tie had to be shortened for Gabe and I added their monograms to their shirts. We did do some evening egg hunting in our pjs...the delay was due to naps.

Good Friday

On Good Friday I took the kids with Carmen to get their pictures made with the Easter bunny. This was a good one is at the age of crying...well, Landon was but nobody in our family. Afterward we rode the train with the money Mimi and Pops sent in their Easter cards then we went to Chuck E Cheese - all while apparently under tornado warning. We felt very safe at Chuck E Cheese.

Class Egg Hunts

Stopping the hunt to let me take a picture
WHY are her shoes tied like this???? and check out the bruise...

with her buds - Savannah and Abagail

and they are off!

Jude before his party

Ella's Easter nails - one bunny has lost her ears....(the other hand was chicks)

Ella with Mrs. Jamie's gift

Ella and Jude had their egg hunts for their classes last week. As usual, Jude got the shaft while I went to Ella's party. Mrs. Kelly usually comes through with pictures though.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Egg Hunt take 1

The eager hunters
and the not so eager hunter

group shot

BIG group shot

Courtney and Ella

Bryce sharing his candy with Jude

cheese - Jude and Bryce

Enjoying the fruits of his labor...or the jelly beans

Ella in action

Jude in action

Today kicked off the week long celebration of candy fest...I mean Easter! The kids enjoyed the tireless hunt for candy or eggs this afternoon after a yummy pizza meal at church. It was a beautiful day and Gabe even got to get out of his stroller for a couple of pictures. Ella was also gracious enough to share two of her eggs with him so he would not have an empty bucket.

First Soccer Game of the Season

High Five
taking a water break

in action


Jude the cheerleader

Ella is playing soccer for the third year. I am happy, no make that THRILLED, to report that we made it through the game with no tears - and by WE, I mean SHE. Ella was a little discouraged that her team did not win and she had to leave the game once for a bathroom break where she voiced her disgust for a teammate scoring for the wrong team. But, at least she only said it to me. She went on to give it her best and her team eventually scored and she was right there with the big high five for her teammate. Once she realized that you did not have to win games to get a trophy, she was happy. If I can only get Jonathan in the "soccer spirit". Jude had a great time cheering Ella on - even when she was on the bench.