Friday, January 30, 2009

Ella survived 100 days of Kindergarten!

Really - I survived 100 days of Kindergarten and all I have to show for it is this beautiful shirt, over 80 sight words, one gone tooth, best friends Savannah and Abby, a polka dot birthday party, strep throat twice, one ear infection, 2 stomach bugs, 4 snow days, and a love for school - hers not mine. I also have a little girl that loves to learn - math in particular (much to her Dad's excitement) and also a little girl that has grown up immensely over the past 6 months!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It worked...sort of

Last night Ella instructed us that her and Jude had to wear their pjs inside out and backwards AND put a spoon under their pillows in order for it to snow. They did it and guess what - ICE. I told her it worked, she was out of school. She was pretty disappointed because it was SUPPOSED to make it snow, not ice.

Old friends, short visit, no camera

Well, the friends are not fact, several years younger than us! This past weekend Jay, Amanda and Eli came to Nashville to visit. Unfortunately with the addition of 3 children in the past 15 months, the girls did not get to visit much. The boys, however, went to play golf then we headed down to Franklin for a great dinner prepared by Mark - the chef. The kids played great. Megan's fear of balls allowed more ball time for the other kids! Eli seemed to love playing with all the kids and Ella and Jude got a kick out of a "baby" that would actually play back. Thanks for the visit Owings family and maybe the girls can go out next time and the boys can stay home with all FIVE kids...oh, and the no camera thing came from me leaving my camera at the Horne abode. I think all of my pictures are going to be dark anyway.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Debbie Carla!

Here are the decorations - and an unhappy Gabe (he came as a lamb).
Oh, she got a doll!!

Wafting out her candles

The Birthday Girl in the seat of honor - Gabe was sleeping.
Preparations - making the cupcakes. We improvised all the way around - short on cupcake liners (we used wax paper); no icing (we made our own - with the help of Carmen's powdered sugar); short on oil (half oil, half applesauce - and they were actually better than if you used all oil).

Yes, she is a Cabbage Patch Doll. However, Ella got up this morning and remembered it was her birthday so you know, any reason to celebrate! The kids made the decorations and dressed up in their finest attire, I invited the McConnells and it was like any other birthday party. Lofton came with a gift and now I have been instructed that I have to go buy her one...and she wants clothes.

What is the best part of the circus?

I look tired - guess what? I was late.

getting a ride back to the car

what we went for!
what we loved

NO, he did not actually get any!

yep, it cost $12 for that cotton candy - and hat!

but it is gooood

The $12 cotton candy, of course!!! Oh okay, we liked the elephants too. I have to say that because the children of a diabetic dentist should not have loved the cotton candy as much as they did! Jonathan had a bottle of water. We had fun and he was a great sport!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow = Indoor fun

Strep throat, "snow day", weekend followed by a holiday (when there was actual snow) = 5 days of indoor entertainment! The kids went out, briefly then came back in for a fashion show. Jude was actually Spiderman but then decided that dressing as "Santa's wife" was a better choice. He said her outfit was warm and cuddly and the Spiderman was itchy...he is going to love looking at these pictures later. So, I spent my morning watching a fashion show.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A great report, a bad report and a missing tooth!

A job well done!
Are there purple elephants in the room?
Lara stayed to helpVIOLA!
yeah, don't know why she is sleeping in her hat?

Here it is - now how much cash is the Tooth Fairy going to leave? Don't worry, she turned the pillow around so the Tooth Fairy would not have to fly to the back of her pillow to get the tooth.

The great report is Ella's report card. She got all 76 of her sight words correct, her verb/noun, name and letters/sounds! As her reward, on the coldest days of winter so far, we bought her an ice cream cake....okay, we enjoyed it too! Her bad report was when I took her to her 6 year "well" check-up she had strep throat. Gabe also had his 4 month "well" check up and had an ear infection. Anyway, back to Ella, the tooth had been wiggling for a few days but her daddy decided it was time to come out. After work (she was with us because of the strep), he hooked her up to the gas, numbed it up and gave it a yank. Oddly enough, she was thrilled. I was in the room with my eyes closed. Well, okay, I actually walked out of the room. Her tooth is tucked safely in her tooth pillow ready for the tooth fairy to come!

Friday, January 9, 2009

I am how old?

I will tell you - not old enough to be shameful in smokin' a 6 and 3 year old in skee ball. It started with breakfast in bed. I also got to take a solo trip to Target then Mimi and Pops took the kids and I to Chuck E Cheese while Jonathan was still working. Pops picked out a wonderful ice cream cake for ALL to enjoy! Thanks for a great birthday!!

Baby Heath

so sweet
hello friend

Jude not cooperating - shocking... (all the boys were in brown and blue?!)

but Jude does like to take pictures - no pun intended

Ella gets a turn!

We had the privilege of heading to Vanderbilt last night to meet the newest member of the Harrington family - Baby Heath! Of course, knowing Jonathan and I, we parked the farthest away we could and had to walk about a mile (at least) to find them BUT, we made it and he is perfect and handsome and sweet - you know, all the baby things! Congrats Marilyn, Casey, Audie and Jenna!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Is my car dirty?

I clean my car out pretty regularly. BUT, when Jude got in this morning he told me it smelled like there had been a GOAT in there?! What?

We looove candy

Here is Ella's gingerbread man from school. The funny part - or reason I am posting this - is that she ate chunks out of the candy while in the car rider line. What the child will do for had been hanging in the school hallway for a month! GROSS!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Daniel family came for a visit

Gabe is getting help with his gift
chocolate fountain?

a little Rock Band action

the girls and the boys - not sure where Ella is Daniel family (and Gabe)

on Friday. We were unable to get together while we were in Mayfield for Christmas so they made a special trip to White House to see us and meet Gabe. Ella and Jude had so much fun playing with Megan and Katie and Gabe loved the attention! Of course, the night was not complete with out a little Rock Band and the chocolate fountain. Thanks for coming to see us - we love you (even though you put video of me singing on your blog)!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello 2009

NOT ONE PICTURE was taken at the NYE party last night. We ended up graciously - really not very graciously at all - hosting the get together (per my norm, I resisted but ended up loving it). As usual, spending time with our friends was great fun. The kids were loud but the adults louder - the kids were messy, but the adults messier - the kids used potty humor, but the adults used more? - the kids played games, but the adults played MORE - the kids had fun but I am pretty sure the adults had more!

Now onto resolutions - We played a game last night where everyone wrote down a couple (some people more). Someone read them out loud then we guessed whose resolution it was. It was goofy but good for a few laughs (and insight). Anyway, today I explained to the kids what a resolution was and asked them what theirs might for 2009 here is what they said:

Ella - She is going to finish Kindergarten...I hope so. She is also going to finish her "love list". This happens to be a running list in her room of whom she loves - so far it consists of Dad, Mom, Jude, Gabe and Ally. She never gets very far because I always throw it away. I didn't know it was something she was actively working on. I guess on my list of resolutions should be to stop cleaning out her desk.

Jude - Play more with toys. Go night night and use good manners (good one Jude)!

Gabe - I am going to make Gabe's for him - learn to sit up, crawl, walk and eat solid foods for a start.

Also noted, they decided to give their future occupations while they were on a roll:

Ella - vet, fashion model and painter
Jude - doctor and fashion model (I had to convince Ella that boys could model too).