Monday, May 19, 2008

Ella's Program

Ella's Program/Graduation was Thursday night. Of course for those that know Ella know that she loves nothing better than being on stage! All of the classes did a great job and were very entertaining. I am not going to go into the details of what all she did during the performance but Jonathan and I did alot of head shaking! I have attached two videos - one of "Under the Sea" and the other is the song "Me and God".



The Nesbitt's said...

Love the sign language!

Jordan said...

I looooovvvveee her facial expressions and hand movement when she sings. Oh and I can leave out the ever fashionable out dazzling sparking ballet slippers. She definintly is the fashionable one:)

Owings Family said...

HA! I can't wait for the day!

Cato House said...

Your kids are adorable! And you are much more consistent with the blogging than I am! You are encouraging me to do better!