Tuesday, April 20, 2010

At the soccer fields

in the women's restroom...is how this starts out. Jude had to go to the bathroom. When we got in there it was more of a problem than he had even thought. There was a big explosion (I won't go into detail but that alone was pretty funny - even for someone who tries really hard not to laugh at 'potty humor' now that I have 3 children that do). Then Jude says in his most sincere voice "I am really sorry Mom, I know the ladies didn't want to hear that". It was a good thing I was in the bathroom because I almost lost bladder control.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Jude's new school picture

See, this is why I didn't buy the other...because there is more! I am not sure why his hair looks so dark though?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

More pictures

Gabe would rather ride than hunt

searching for the golden egg

and they are off!

happy Gabe with his lunch

We brought Easter chicks (chocolate covered vanilla Oreos with tic tac noses)

On Easter, we were ready on time for Sunday School and had our Bible verses memorized BUT, taking pictures took a little too long and we were oh about 10 mins late...anyway, it was all great after that. We went to the McConnell's for Easter dinner - lamb and chicken - the kids thought the lamb was steak (mainly because we told them it was) so they gobbled it right up. Then we had an egg hunt where Puh hid a golden egg and a few sports themed eggs for each child.

Actual Easter

This is how they started out...with Gabe unwilling to even stand!

Finally, some Easter pictures!

Jude's party
Buddy Bryce

LOADS of peeps 42 bags actually

Our buckets and carrots outside waiting for the giant bunny


lots of eggs

Gabe preferred walking around in boots...he loves rain boots -mine, Ella's, Judes and his own.

before the counters were a rainbow of colors

Well, the start of Easter pictures...every holiday is beginning to be like Christmas! Crafts,

gifts, pictures, parties...wheww!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Easter

A big W

During the NCAA tournament I was trying to teach Ella to cheer on KY. I said Kentucky pulled out a big W last night - Ella's response: "a wedgie"?...I guess that did make more sense.

Big Jude

Every year they take these pictures at Jude's preschool. We usually buy them but this year I didn't. When Jude found out that he was going to have to return "Big Jude" (they are 10x16 pictures) he was sad...SO, I scanned it in for him to look at...don't worry, I won't copy or reproduce it.