Friday, February 11, 2011

Gabe needs to get out of the house

He did enjoy this, it was not torture.

All his "friends" are not real

Gabe is pulling teeth

and learning to drill n' fill

Student of the Month

A little posing in the lobby

Ella got Student of the Month for December. She got to draw the name from the basket for the teacher to win a gift certificate. She drew her own teacher! and says she didn't peek.

Trash Bag Pants

The kids got to go out one day and sled in their trash bag pants...they worked! Jude wasn't sure that it was that cool to wear trash bag pants until his jeans didn't get wet then they were fine.

Hula Hooping

nice tights, Debbie

We didn't just get Captain Ds for our birthday...That weekend we went to the Gulch for dinner and then back to Debbie's house for some hula hooping lessons. I had to talk Debbie into the last part but I think it was a great success. I now know how to hula hoop and even have my own - I'm so proud. The added bonus was that it was a great work out!

Happy Birthday to me!

Birthday time! Debbie and I share the same birthday...I would love to say we are the same age but that would be lying. Anyway, I called Debbie to see where they were celebrating this year and Captain Ds was the restaurant of choice. Jonathan said - are we going there? I have to admit that the fried fish was really good and it is about the company and not the food! We hit Sweet CeCe's afterward for some frozen yogurt. That was the best part!

Christmas Day

Ella made a bridge for the car...that was racing through the house.

too much turkey?

Angry bird Christmas

Yoda pancakes for breakfast - well if they turned out looking like Yoda

Gabe woke up feeling okay and happy to open his gifts! He looks a little ill in this picture but he usually does in pictures. The stomach bug hit Jude after we were all back home from our Christmas festivities and everyone was in bed. He was feeling better the next day though.

Kentucky Christmas

Don't you just want to eat one, two or maybe even three?

nice work Gabe, when we figure out you have a stomach bug, we won't eat your cookies.

The second part of our trip brought us to Kentucky. We arrived on Christmas Eve and got some cookies cranked out and reindeer food placed and all the children tucked into bed until...the second round of the pukes hit...Gabe this time. He and Jonathan had to stay home the next day while we all went to Uncle Kim and Aunt Brenda's house. Jonathan had almost all of his CE to finish from the past two years though so he had something to do while Gabe slept Christmas day away.

Missouri Christmas

Gabe is putting the milk back
Camden is getting the milk out

chilly ride

Merry Christmas...and stay warm :)

The little boys watching something? on dvd
The first part of our Christmas journey took us to West Plains to visit Mimi and Pops. Aunt Kathy and Lori were there again this year - as well as Aunt Jamie, Uncle Chris, Kingston and Camden. We played cards, opened gifts and indulged in some delicious snacks. We also brought along the stomach virus. Luckily, Ella was the only man down on this leg of the trip.

Thanksgiving 2010

The younger kids (minus Gabe - he was in a stroller) at the "Upside down house"
Again, Gabe is thrilled with getting a picture!

The gang

Let's see, that was 4 stomach viruses, 4 bouts with the flu and one pneumonia ago...but seems like just yesterday. That was just my excuse for posting Thanksgiving of 2010 in 2011. This year we went to Gatlinburg with Jonathan's family and spent the weekend eating good food and enjoying good company.