Thursday, February 26, 2009

Best Buds

Dear Ella - you are a good girl you are my best friend.

Again, I have a picture of Ella and her friend Savannah from Valentine's Day but the pictures are not loaded. When I went to school today - yes again - (to have a heart to heart with Ella about the pitfalls of "acting" sick when you don't want to do something -this really is another post in and of itself so I must go on -) she gave me this note from her friend Savannah. I thought it was cute - her first note...okay I am weird...anyway, here it is.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hard to keep up....

I have pictures and a post that I have actually typed from Valentine's Day. I just have not gotten there yet. Sadly, working has sucked all my brain is always a good excuse, my kids, my work?!

Anyway, I have been having some "face time" at school over the past few days. It started with me being late to pick Ella up last Thursday. This resulted in a walk of shame to the office to get her with the other "leftovers" who have losers for parents that were also late to get them. On Friday, I get a call from one of her classmates moms (who works in the office). She was laying in the floor - don't ask me why - when someone sat on her stomach and she peed her I have to go back to the office where I was humiliated just yesterday to get my child with the crazy bladder. Yesterday, I got a phone call about the time I was walking out the door to lunch - yes, from the office...Ella had a fever and had to be picked up. I am thinking they may not like me much anymore!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Parties

Bryce and Sally(the dog)

not from the party but gotta love the boots!


Jude and buddies

Ms. Jamie

Abigail and Ella

Waiting for story time

Savannah and Ella

Jude had a "sleepover" party theme on Wednesday complete with pjs, slippers, sleeping bag, popcorn and a movie and doughnuts!

Ella had her Kindergarten party today (Of course I thought it was at 11:30 but it was at 12:30 so I was an hour early and had to come back home - the joys of sleep deprivation!).


He actually asked to have his picture made with me - not sure why, probably because he knew I was not wearing makeup?! He looks so happy though!
Here's my little man!

Finally, Jude "let" me cut his hair. It was an ugly episode with crying/drooling/snot - you know, the works. However, I perservered (to use a Jude word) and made it through. This picture was taken the next day when he was actually okay with the haircut. We are thinking he must think he is like Sampson and his strength is in his hair...why else would he be so mad?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pepaw's birthday and Valentine "baskets"

The kids with their emptied out baskets from Nana and Pepaw

Nana and Pepaw came to town on Monday morning. Since I am currently back to working 4 days a week I needed some backup. Monday was also Pepaw's birthday. The kids made large birthday greetings for the front door and Pepaw picked up some birthday doughnuts on the way in. Jude had a great day of McDonald's and napping and Pepaw was a good sport and took Ella to gymnastics and she was even allowed to stay for "free time"....Pepaw had to join in on that. Nana, the cook, fixed us dinner but we did make some birthday banana pudding for Pepaw!

On Tuesday the boys played some golf while Ella and I went to see Hotel For Dogs and Jude went to school. Gabe got to stay home and play with Nana. The two days were capped off with dinner at Cock of the Walk. Jonathan and I were both unsure that we wanted to try it but it was actually pretty good! Thanks for coming to help Nana and Pepaw!!

Valentine craftiness

was in full effect last weekend. It started with a simple plan - heart crayons. The directions were as follows - peel crayons, break crayons, put in heart form, melt in oven, take out and VOILA. We hit a speed bump with the first step. The crayons did not peel so easily. Jude gave up after one and Ella and I spent about 30 minutes peeling 5 or 6. I realized this might take a while so we put it off until Saturday. However, Ella had the brilliant idea on Saturday morning of asking Jonathan to help. He had the brilliant idea of scoring the paper with a knife and then the peeling came right off....oh thank you! After that it was a breeze. We skinned 2 64 count boxes of crayons in no time. The rest of it was easy too. However, the kids were out after the first 12 crayons were made...I made the other 20. Oh well, it kept us entertained for a while.

It's so hard to say goodbye...

okay, maybe a little too sentimental for a pair of shorts BUT - they have been with me since high school! I mean they were the ONLY "night" shorts I could wear when I was pregnant with Ella. I actually shed tears when Jonathan threatened to get rid of them when I was pregnant with Jude! I also wore them when I was pregnant with Gabe - are you asking if I wore them when NOT pregnant - well of course!! I was thrilled when I found them under the bed a few nights ago. After a good washing I pulled them out to wear last night. Much to my dismay, I realized - it is time they must go. As I contemplated actually getting rid of them I thought they deserved their own post - after all they have shared half of life with me (how sad is that). I was going to take a picture and came to this conclusion....I am too embarrassed to for anyone else to even see them. SO, goodbye old black sweat pant cutoffs that are so threadbare you can see through them when holding them up to the light and the whole back seam is one big hole as well as big holes in the legs! I will miss you!

Monday, February 2, 2009


During "the giving part" of church yesterday Ella said - "if I had $100, I would give it to the blind orphans". Something about that made me laugh out loud and I found it very hard to control. Of course, I didn't know why in the world she would say that. Carmen remembered that in the WORST movie in the history of all movies (Igor), there were blind orphans....

Also, last night as she was walking past the back door she said "Some one's striped beast is in our yard". What is a striped beast, you ask? A cat.