Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yesterday Jude and I picked Ella up from school, went to the park, went to Sonic to get Jonathan a drink, took it to work for him, came home and the kids and I made pizzas. The reason I am telling you what all I did is because it was not until all those things were done, dinner was finished, the kitchen was clean and Jonathan came home from work - 7:00...that I realized that Ella had worn her pants backwards all day (button, zipper, pockets - everything) ! I laughed so hard that it made Ella cry. I did check her pants this morning though.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Uncle Joe and Carla

Jude - in his underwear!
Ella - before she smacked Jonathan in the face
Uncle Joe and Ella
Uncle Joe with Superman
The whole gang!

Gabe and his new football

We had visitors this weekend. Uncle Joe and Carla came to meet Gabe. They came bearing gifts. Jude got a baseball bat/hitting contraption which was loved by him and Ella. Unfortunately Jonathan learned a hard lesson about keeping your head out of the baseball bat's line of fire. He was whacked in the head - by Ella. Ella received a Barbie pediatrician set - which of course she loves. The more pieces the better for her. Jude was even playing with it yesterday. Gabe got his own football. Jude got the same gift when he was born 3 years ago! We had a good visit and I think the kids got Uncle Joe and Carla good and worn out! Thanks for coming to see us Uncle Joe and Carla!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The park

I actually have pictures to go with the post but pictures and a post is just too much right now! I will say that I have made it to the park and on a walk two days in a row as well as putting on makeup and pulling my hair into a ponytail. Gabe is actually sleeping some very long stretches, I just can't get him to go to sleep until midnight....anyway, back to the park.

Today when we got there Jude had to pee. He was doing his business in the grass when he commented on how it was a "pee waterfall" then I hear "oh man, I got it on my hands". All I can do is laugh - and be thankful that I actually packed wipes for Gabe. Jude packed the diapers and it is good thing because right after Jude peed on his hands, Gabe pooped his diaper - twice! Pictures to come...AND, I managed two hours alone with all three last night - we ate dinner, took pictures for the birth announcement and played...it felt like about EIGHT hours. Oh well, one day at a time!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Catching my breath!

I have finally had the chance to upload all my pictures over the past week - over 250. I didn't think I was ever going to get upstairs much less to the computer to put them on here. Anyway, my nap was this morning and BOTH kids - I mean all THREE kids - took naps this afternoon so I had time to blog away. A little 8 pounds has kept us very busy this week. You can read about it on his blog but I can't believe a week has already passed.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

We are home!

I actually would have loved to stay another day but I guess when people are birthing 60-70 babies a day they need the room so here I am. We got home around noon and are settling in nicely. Jude didn't get much of a nap so he was in bed pretty early and now Ella is spending some "QT" with Gabe. Ella, Nana and Gabe are watching Enchanted. He seems to like it as he has been "held" by Ella for the entire movie. Of course, Ella is loving every minute. I still don't have my pictures loaded on my computer as that would take me going upstairs to work on it and I have not been that adventurous yet! Thanks to everyone who came to visit us in the hospital as well as all the food and gifts. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gabe's blog

It may seem over ambitious BUT, I have set up Gabe his own blog for the first year. This will replace any scrap booking that I buy the pages, book and supplies for, start, get frustrated with and NEVER finish. Any who, it is www.gabematthew.blogspot.com. Enjoy!


Gabe was actually 20.5 inches and when they washed his hair the curls came out!

It's a.....

BOY! Introducing

Gabe Matthew Griffin
8 pounds 2 ounces
20 inches

We are both doing great. He has a head of hair that is dark and curly! More details to come but he is the biggest baby we have had yet...by almost a pound!

Ella and Jude are so very proud.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The day is here!

I apologize for those reading this that think I am going to announce the birth of the baby already. In an unfair turn of events I am awake at midnight and feel the need for one last blog. This is unfair because a.) it is midnight so I can't even eat or drink, b.) I can basically hear the whole house snoring (not basically, I CAN) and c.) this is my last night of "sleep" before the baby in 7.5 hours. Oddly enough, I must confess that I am most upset about the eating or drinking thing. Anyhow, I guess for now I will sit here wondering how long I will be awake - which over the past month or so has been what I do every night. Again, not really sure why I am blogging about this so give me a break and know that the next post will be about the "new baby" as he or she has come to be known.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Little Bo Peep

Even though we missed the last few days of colors, we started Monday off with some fun. Ella had to go dressed as a nursery rhyme today. We (I guess I) chose Little Bo Peep mainly because it would be pretty easy to do. Nana is here learning "the ropes" of dropping off and picking up Ella from school so we dropped off Little Bo Peep this morning (with her sheep) and she was ready to go. You know Ella with her dramatic flair, they have to recite the nursery rhyme and she has a dramatization with her sheep complete with tail wagging (her idea). Thanks Amanda for the sheep!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Who are we getting rid of next?

Since Ella has been gone since Wednesday apparently Jude is under the impression that she is now living with Nana and Pepaw and is not his sister anymore. I am going to guess since Ally no longer lives here that Ella was the logical next choice. He was telling his teacher this morning at church that he was getting a new baby on Wednesday but that Ella had gone to live with Nana. He was pleasantly surprised when we told him today that Ella and Nana would be back this afternoon. But I also think he enjoyed being an only child for a few days - think staying up late, playing with all the toys and our undivided attention...oh Jude, just wait a couple of days!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Commercials capture even the youngest viewers

Jude was intently watching a commercial tonight as I walked into the room. He said "when the new baby comes we need to buy her some shampoo". I looked over and it was a Johnson and Johnson commercial. Then he said "and I want that too". Talking about some pirate ship toy. And yes, he did say "her".

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our first sick day

The school nurse called me this morning. Ella had a headache and was running a fever. Normally, this would not cause much panic in the Griffin household but considering the fact that a.) I do not want Jude running a fever, b.) we had a little boy that said he had a headache in the office yesterday then proceeded to yack about 6 times in the floor and trashcan (also a Woodall student) and c.) I really don't want a stomach virus 1 week out from my c-section - I have called in Nana reinforcements. Not only is Ella going to miss today but she is going to KY for the rest of the week. There is nothing like just sending off anyone that you might catch something from, huh?

Monday, September 1, 2008


Ella took her camera too.

Leave it to Ella to pose with her fishing "wand" as Jude calls it.

I'm not exactly sure why this picture was taken...

The Barbie "wand" pulls one in!

I don't know how Jude and Jonathan were the only ones to get wet.

The boys with their big catches!

Landon looks pleased with himself! as does Ella.

Jonathan and Puh took ALL the kids fishing this morning. I reluctantly sent along my camera - afraid it would get wet - but I was pleasantly surprised that although Jonathan and Jude did fall in, my camera was spared. They then went to Sonic and to play at the park afterward. They had fun but were a stinky mess when they got home! I, on the other hand, was able to get some toys cleaned out of the playroom as well as going through some of Ella's things without objection! It is now nap time and the boys have taken off for a little golf.

Pure Plagiarism.....

**for the "full" effect, click on Roxanne on my playlist to the right of the screen then proceed**

The kids being bounced by the "adults".

He was much better after the sunglasses were added!
How old are we?This game was well worth the money for these pictures alone!

So, I could just direct you to Joni's blog to see the pictures of our Labor Day weekend complete with Rock Band but then I would not have it for my book. I am crediting Joni for 1.) taking the pictures 2.) writing the blog and 3.) along with Carmen and Marilyn keeping an eye on the kids...as you can assume I did not do much. What can I say, it was hot? Oh wait, I did make some cookies!

Here is Joni's description of the evening:

"Yes, I believe Roxanne was the hit of the night. As the girls sit at the kitchen table talking, we hear Casey's 99% accuracy rendition of Roxanne and just wish we had some way of recording it. That was our Saturday night: trampoline, mosquitoes, Phillip's cooking, E.T., naked Jude, gender selection techniques, and Wii's Rockband. That pretty much sums up another night at the Griffin's"

A sweltering day with Thomas

All Aboard!
There was fighting so Jude had to be moved!
Watching the world go by
LP Field
CertificateSee ya Thomas!
Jude HOT and unhappy!

Well, Stoney was nice enough to get us tickets to see Thomas the Train. We went relatively early (10:00 am) in hopes of it not being as hot. We were so wrong. Tonya, Mike, Kaidan, Robin, BJ, Ethan, Carmen, Lofton and Landon met us there. It was really, really hot and we did get to take an a/c ride in a train car which was nice and cool and then we waited in line for about 30 mins to get our picture made with Thomas only to see him pull off to take the next riders right before our turn. It was all UPHILL after that. Jude was not very happy seeing Thomas leave (I think the heat had much to do with it). He cried from downtown until we got him lunch in Rivergate. The day after Thomas his memories were great. He said he had so much fun and wanted to go back.