Saturday, October 31, 2009

Now Jude is banned from markers AND gum!

He just wanted to show Lofton that he could save his gum in his hair...not so much saved, we had to cut it out - obviously.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Carving - Take 1

Here we go
Gabe kept crawling away from us.

Jude thinks it is funny but Ella hates it!


Who knew pumpkin carving was an all evening event. We tried to knock one out (our first time to carve one) in an hour. We have completed the removing top and insides part as well as the punch holes to actually cut out the shape part...but that is it - stay tuned!

Halloween Parties

Jude's mask - that he gave to Ms. Leanne
wrapping Ms. Leanne as a mummy

cute spider web game

blowing paint

Luke Skywalker - he was afraid that his classmates would not know it was him. I assured him that I would tell them if they were confused.
Ella being mummified

Her class

I drug Gabe to Jude's 2.5 hour Halloween party today. Although, Gabe did get 3 sandwiches, some grapes and a cupcake out of so it was not a bad deal. I then dropped Jude and Gabe off with Jonathan and headed to Ella's party. Both parties were a hoot - I really do love Halloween (it is waaaay better than Valentine's Day) so 4.5 hours of party was not too bad.

Big rivals

Jude and Bryce played each other in soccer on Thursday night. I painted pumpkins on Courtney and Ella's nails (before the game). Poor Jude is the ONLY one on the team to have not scored. His team tried so hard to get him a goal . They would put it right in front of the goal and yell "score Jude"...however, it always ended up out of bounds - only one more game to go!

Trunk or Treat

was Wednesday night. I didn't get that many pictures because it is sort of hard to chase 3 kids in full costume AND take pictures...I had to make sure their white outfits did not get covered in orange icing. However, Jude painted in his today and Ella sat in the orange icing so they are both in the washer as I type. In case you don't know, or I loose my mind one day - Jonathan is Darth Vadar, Ella is Princess Leia , Jude is Luke, I am Queen Amadala and Gabe is Chewy....and I am sure I spelled those wrong.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

one more

here is the picture that was left out of the slide show...not sure why but I liked it!

Bottom View Farms

The pumkin patch with a funny name....We did have a great time at Bottom View - the weather was perfect, the acitvities were fun and the bottom view was just great!


on the hayride

Ella with smoke in her eye

the girls
a picture with Miss Emily
kitty cats
Jude has a rocket ship on his face
Gabe with his balloons that he loved

Our caregroup had a cookout last night that the Williams family so graciously hosted. They had so much for the kids - games, facepainting, balloon hats/swords, hayride and of course, s'mores and hotdogs. We had a great time. There is nothing like a little cold weather combined with some mud on your feet and campfire smell in your hair! Thanks for hosting!

Even more beach pictures - now I'm done!

Last day

Gabe being inticed with a cookie

This is what Gabe did - he would get his swimmies and carry them around until someone took him to swim. The last day it was too cold for him so he swam in the bathtub.

The big wheel - Jude loved it


The Wharf


Pepaw and the kiddos

monkey Jude

The big sting!

Ella catching a wave

I need to move on to all things Fall so these pretty much sum up the last few days at the beach. The highlights are the jellyfish sting, riding the Ferris wheel, Gabe playing in the cabinets, learning to walk and more swimming.