Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nana & Pepaws House

After Jude and Ella visited with Mimi and Pops they went to KY for a visit with Nana and Pepaw. They went on what was apparently a very messy strawberry pick. Jude was the messy one - naturally. Ella did not eat any because she thought they were dirty. Jude also ended up running a fever from Friday am until Sunday sometime. I took him to the Dr. in KY and she prescribed some antibiotics but of course that means there were two nights of up every 3 hrs to medicate. He did well though, no seizures. We managed to go swimming once and of course the boys golfed. We had dinner with Brenda and Kim and were going to swim on Monday but got rained out. There was Pattie's on Monday though that made not going swimming okay! Oh yeah, my dad and I also squeezed in Indiana Jones on Sunday afternoon. I also have pictures of Jude "watering" my mom's potted plants on her deck but I will save Jude the embarrassment later of showing everyone his booty.


Owings Family said...

Too funny! Jude's antics are getting better and better! I think he is going to outdo Ella!

Derek and Michelle said...

I believe Jude watered the plants underneath the deck at the condo in Virginia a couple times. He's such a green thumb.