Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This has been a very hard weekend for our friends Nick and Debbie and their family. Please keep them in your prayers as the life of a great husband, father and friend was lost. We love you guys.


My parents came down for Ella's third soccer game of the season. There were no pictures this time and I am thankful for that now. I had flashbacks of last year's soccer season. She stood still - ALOT...most of the times her arms were crossed and when she would run by me she would stick her tongue out...I was so proud. She has a game this Thursday and on Saturday too. I am hoping for better results.

Happy Birthday Reagan!

Saturday we went down to have cake and hot dogs with Reagan for her second birthday. Of course to know Reagan is to know that she would have rather spent her birthday alone and probably in her bed with her blanket. She put on her best face though (even skinning both knees) and made it through. Jude brought her flowers which she was very uninterested in and would not take from her. The only thing that made her more mad....he kissed her on the hand. We love you Reagan - Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Thursday night we celebrated Ethan's second birthday at Chuck E. Cheese! Of course my kids love going and had a great time. They were very well behaved (they got the speech before we even went in since I was solo with them). Ethan was so busy that he didn't make it around to opening all his presents there. Thanks for a fun party Ethan. There will be a couple of pictures when my computer gets back from the shop.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Uncle Kim - REVISED

My uncle was in an accident on Sunday night driving the bus to church. He is still in the hospital with a couple of broken ribs and a broken hip. The lady that was sitting behind him on the bus was killed at the scene and another older gentleman is also still in the hospital. We are still waiting to hear when my uncle will have surgery on his hip. There were 8 passengers total in the van and all were injured in some way. The accident occurred when a lady driving a Suburban with her 3 children ran a red light on a highway and hit the bus broadside. All 4 passengers in the Suburban were okay. Please keep all these families in your prayers though as it is difficult for everyone. The revision is that after a *qualified* individual re-read the x-ray it was determined that his hip is not broken but his leg is. Leg is much better than hip! I think he will go home later today.


I am really not sure if I spelled my title right but I guess nobody would ever know unless they looked it up on the internet. Anyway, last Wednesday we met our friends from Harding - Derek & Michelle - along with their 3 children - Hannah, Ben and Eve - at the Massenutten resort for a few days of fun. They had a great indoor water park and I have several pictures - none of which I can get off of my camera because of the Coke spill. The kids had a great time playing together and the adults had a great time trying to ignore the kids and catch up! It was a tad chaotic with 5 kids and 4 adults but it was worth it. I got a preview of how exactly we were going to "play zone" when the 3rd gets here in September! I will post pictures as soon as someone raises my computer from the dead. ********CHECK OUT GARRETTS BLOG FOR PICTURES*********** my computer has been sent off!


Sorry for the delay in updating you on the bunnies. I have been out of town a second time and then I spilled a Coke on my laptop...yep and it STILL does not work. Anyhow, a patient of Jonathan's came in on Wednesday (the day we were leaving) and has a son in vet school. He has had to take care of bunnies before. SO, he came and got them out of our yard (4 of them) and has been feeding them via dropper for the past week. I talked to his mom yesterday and they are about ready to let them go! She said they are all doing great and they were probably around 10 days old when they picked them up. Now, if I can only do something about my laptop...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our "yard" babies

My lovely husband had the opportunity to mow the yard while watching the kids last night as I had dinner with the girls (Jana was in town). We are leaving today so it had to get done. Well, when I came home one of my towels that I had put in the garage to take to the Hope Center was in the middle of our yard. It was dark outside so I picked it up and talked to my neighbor who was taking out her dog. I was laughing that the mowing with a 5 and 2 year old had emptied out our garage. But, as I came inside (and Jonathan had the kids teeth brushed, pjs on and was singing to Jude) and saw Ella (hiding from Jonathan in the playroom under a blanket) she told me the "bunny tale". Apparently a very small and blind bunny escaped from its burrow (in our yard) because Jonathan had mowed over it. Don't worry, all bunnies are in one piece....Anyway, he put the bunny back and then let Ella hold one and put a towel over them. Of course the concern now is that Mommy bunny will not come back. We are leaving to go out of town today and I actually LOST SLEEP over the baby bunnies in the yard. There was a dog barking that I just knew was after them. I have "fixed" the burrow to the best of my non-bunny abilities (you know grass, leaves and fur...) this morning in hopes that Mommy can get to them but no more will escape. I will let you know when we get back what the status is. I almost feel guilty leaving them! We took some pictures that I will post later!


Okay, I was tagged by my Harding friend Danna to list 7 things random about me. I find that sort of hard as I think it will be things people already know. I will try though....

1.) I think everyone knows that I DO NOT LIKE cold ketchup!

2.) I love babies soft feet and for a while was pretty sure Ella would never go barefoot. I have given that up and just feel the heels of babies that don't know how to walk.

3.) I have to watch about 30 mins of "mindless" tv a night. Jonathan would say AT LEAST 30 mins....

4.) Newborn babies make me cry - even those I don't know.

5.) My toenails are ALWAYS painted (I am pretty sure everyone knows that too).

6.) I have never given my kids a bath and not put lotion on them afterward - NEVER. (Jonathan has, I am sure, but if I am around he does).

7.) I am not a fan of toothpaste that is in the "gel" form. I like the paste.

wheww, that was very hard....and pretty boring for those reading I am sure! We are getting ready to go out of town so I will "tag" 7 later. Thanks Danna, it was sort of fun to think about it.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Purity Moosic City Dairy Dash 5K

What is the BEST part of the Dairy Dash? If you ask me it is most definitely the chocolate milk afterward. If you ask Jude and Ella it would be the wristbands mom brought home (of course had they gotten out of bed to go with me it would have been the chocolate milk too). I met Team Horne (see Horne Family blog) today to do the 5K. Of course the Horne family overachievers got there before me and put in a few miles before they did the 10K! Megan did great. She was chilling out in her BOB the whole time. She did get out after the race to lust after her Mommy's roll! I wish I had a picture of that.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Yesterday was a good day for so many reasons. The first being that our 5 year old alarm clock that is usually up with the birds, slept until 9:15 (and we had to WAKE her). Of course everyone else was already up as I had a doctor appointment and Jonathan had to go to work. So I got to take both kids with me to see my doctor. They were great. (And everyone knows that I would admit to otherwise if it were the truth.) Jude did drop his drawers once when the sudden urge to pee pee hit him but most of you know how Jude is and it bothered no one - people laughed but it was mostly nurses anyway and I figure they have seen it all before. We were waiting in the back before my doctor came in and he announced he needed to poo poo (Jude - my dr. is female)so I had to leave Ella sitting in there and run him to the bathroom. He decided no, just pee pee again and we headed back in. Dr. Crowe was right behind us and followed us in the room to hear the heartbeat. Jude wanted to sit in my lap as this was being done and of course could not resist the urge to stick his hands in the jelly that they put on there. We then hit the Mellow Mushroom - one of my favorite eating establishments. And yes, there was a big drink spill and food on the floor but overall we had a great time. The conversation of my two favorite little people keeps me laughing and on my toes. One thing I could not figure out how to explain was "What is a nun?" and she really did mean a nun...She saw one and the hospital and as she did pass for just "an old lady", I told her she was a nun. Anyway, after lunch we took Daddy lunch and Jude took a 3.5 hour nap while Ella and I enjoyed the great outdoors. Jude did get a couple hours of outdoor time in after nap. We then picked up Jonathan and spent the evening with the Rose family. Jude and I jumped and rolled on the trampoline for a while and then the adults enjoyed the ballgame while the kids went to bed. We didn't get home until really late but it was a great day.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

She shoots, she scores!!!

Today marked Ella's first soccer game of 2008. Of course after 2007 we never thought there would be an '08 career. She did not exactly love it last year and our two practices have not been very inspiring this year either. However, when it came down to game time the girl turned it on! (Proud mama typing here.) She got knocked down a couple of times and decided that was enough. She came out to play - with elbows flying (even on her own teammates at times). She even scored a goal and assisted with a second. The look on her face was priceless. It ended on somewhat of a sour note I must add though. She reached down and touched the ball with her hand (she did move it and score again but needless to say it didn't count), they blew the whistle and it brought her to tears. The whistle blower had to come over and give her a hug...it was very dramatic for her. I promise that I took pictures of ALL her teammates. I am only posting the ones of her though that made Jonathan and I laugh. I only hope that her second game is as entertaining has her first. (Look, she even got dirty!!! - that caused a couple of tears but nothing major.) Jude supported his sister in his green and navy too - he loved cheering for number 5. I know that we are talking 5 year old soccer here but if you would have seen last year's performance you would certainly understand my excitement! Go GRASSHOPPERS!

Science Museum

Yesterday we had a "family day" as we took the kids to the Science Museum. Jonathan had never been before so it was quite the adventure. The highlights were, of course, the tooting slide and climbing up the inside to the dome. Jude was the only one to make it to the very top. Ella was scared so Jonathan stayed a couple of floors down with her and I was afraid I might get stuck up there! We followed the museum with lunch at the Cheesecake Factory - but, sadly, no cheesecake!


On Wednesday 18 children along with 8 adults made a big trip to the Nashville Zoo. The kids had a great time and the adults got some great exercise while chasing everyone around and pushing strollers/pulling wagons. I think we saw the whole zoo, had lunch, rode the carousel (which was traumatizing to poor Reagan) and played in the playground area. There was only need for 1 Band-Aid, which I thought was impressive! Everyone left exhausted - at least in my car!