Monday, April 16, 2012

January - April 16 (in the wrong order)

Gotta love an early morning ring pop
sorting through the eggs
Big and Little
The Cardinal trio

Getting some help from Coach Puh
Stylin during warm ups
The Easter Bunny came!
Free gives rashes but hey, it was free!
I was so impressed...then I found out that Dad had dug it
We ALL love free dirt, except our neighbors.
Opening night! Running onto the field. They announced all the players on every team.
Is there dirt on my shirt?
Parade for Opening Night and celebrating Mary Keith
There they are - Go Cardinals!
Waiting for blanket (aka - wankey) do dry
First game
After the parade - he smiled so hard he peed his pants (and the slide)
First time at bat
meeting on the snake...the playground was the best part
we love snacks the best!
Who brought all these kids?
ST Patties
Where we like to spend our free time
They dressed up too - in "nasty hair"
brothers at the zoo
Gabe hurt his lip (below) but still had fun being Minnie
Ella made him up
A day home because E got the flu after Jude
The Bride and YMCA man?
Green Eggs and Thing 2
Poor Jude - he had the flu...missed all of Dr. Seuss week
But Ella and Gabe enjoyed some GREEN EGGS and bacon (that looked molded)
Thing 2
Ella had lua week for book fair instead of Dr. Seuss
Just passing the time - in a bucket
The boys have loads of "friends" and blankets to protect them
Happy Valentine's Day!
celebrated with 65 cookies
It's Dr. Seuss week and since we love to eat - marshmallow HATS

100 days of school
We "lost" a tooth

Wearing PJ backwards AND inside out...hoping for snow. They also did a show for us
and ANOTHER one bites the dust