Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

One quote "it is hard to say goodbye to yesterday" does not really apply to 2008. Although there were some great things that happened - Gabe, cousin Camden, LOADS of pregnancies (babies to come in 2009) - there were also some really bad times for our friends. I don't want to get into all of that but it through it all it is amazing how God has worked - so maybe 2008 was a growing experience?. I am excited to put it all behind us and start fresh in 2009! Happy New Year to everyone!

Jude's school Christmas party

making decorations or treats...not sure!
the boys! and their cute shirts!!

with Santa

Here are pictures from Jude's party that Mrs. Kelly sent me. They look like they had so much fun!! Thank you Kelly!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Card

For my memories - here it the card from 08.

A Christmas to Remember

one more picture

As we traveled home today with our car loaded with gifts and dirty clothes I began thinking of my blog - of how I would document Christmas of 2008. I thought I could break it up into 2 posts - MO and KY. I thought I could divide it up into 3 posts - one for each child...then I kept thinking about it and realized that those things would probably sound most like all other, I decided to have a semi-short post and then pictures - since they are worth a thousand words. Here is the short version of Christmas 08 -

Of course there were presents (oddly enough none of which will be remembered over the years - except maybe Jude's Batman trike), of course there was great food (2 batches of sugar cookies that disappeared in 2 days - and about 5 pounds of unwanted weight), there was a stomach bug, 65 degree weather as well as negative 10 degree weather, there were laughs - lots of laughs, there were late nights, there was blood (that has to do with the trike), there were also tears (mainly from the late nights, blood and laughing), there were gingerbread houses (which oddly enough had no candy on them by the time we left West Plains), there were loads of games (Wii, cards and dominoes) and many miles logged in the car with three small children (which are memories in and of themselves). All of these things were what made this Christmas 2008, but what made the Christmas actually Christmas was none of these things. Oddly enough, (and you won't hear me say this again) Hillary Clinton was right when she said "It takes a village to raise a child." What I appreciate this Christmas is sharing the past week with my family and friends. I love that my children are surrounded by so many people that love them as we do. I love that my children will never have to look for someone to trust or someone to talk to or someone to hug or someone to kiss a boo boo or someone to support them or someone to ...well you get the picture. And as all of the gifts that they received were appreciated, the time and love are even more appreciated. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! (I am also saying that it may take me longer to detox them than it will for me to loose the 5 pounds...just kidding)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ella's school party

started at 8:00 am this morning in a waaaay overcrowded parking lot! It was fun though as the parent in charge is a former Kindergarten teacher. She read a book then they did a relay (see action shot of Ella), had face painting and another throw the football through the wreath game. We had to duck out before food was served so I could get the boys before Jonathan went to work but Ella did get a "to go" plate.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa - FINAL round

We went to visit our favorite Santa Tuesday night at Opryland hotel. This year I was a little disappointed because they had turned a visit with Santa into a big money maker. They moved him to one of the ballrooms and had set up a whole gift shop, train and tree exhibit. They also had a booth for the ICE! which we did last year and it was the same. It just seemed more commercialized than in years past...anyway, the line was non existent so we got right in. They popped up on his lap and said "cheese". I think next year we are going to hit the Bass Pro Santa because I have heard from several sources that he is great and the pictures are free - if we can just keep the kids from begging us to buy hunting and or fishing equipment it will be worth it!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanks Owings family!

Today went like this: drop off Ella at 7:30 am, go back home and pick up Jonathan, Jude and Gabe, drop off Jude, drop off Jonathan, go get haircut, go to mall to finish Christmas shopping, go back to White House and pick up Jonathan for lunch, drop him back off at work and stay for about 30 minutes to put in some insurance payments, pick up Ella, pick up Jude, go to gymnastics, pick up Jonathan and go is the exciting part - when we get to the front door we have a gift from the Owings family. It was Cracker Barrel in a box!! We got inside and made some dinner - well Jonathan and Ella made dinner while Jude played trains, Gabe watched and I cleaned out lunchboxes, went through the mail and started laundry. Thanks Owings family - I had already made the executive decision for family cereal night - this was a treat!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Office Party

Group picture take 2
Group picture take 1

Kelyn loved dancing with Kaiden - even went in for a kiss

Check out Jonathan trying to get the bowling ball at the end of the lane

Gabe does not want to watch

I really did not mean to take this...he was carrying the ball by himself but then he slipped and fell. It had to have hurt.

Trying again - and being coached.

Ethan getting help from Mommy

Aaron having to get the ball.

Jude's turn to dance with Kelyn.

Showing off their shoes

Last night was our Christmas party with the fabulous people we are privileged to work with. So, with 6 children in tow (all 6 and under as well as one on the way) - half of them being ours.... - we headed to Jimmy Johns for subs, Maggie Moos for ice cream and then to the Family Fun Center for bowling. There were a few tears, as you can imagine, but also LOTS of laughs and dancing! The kids - and Jonathan - loved the bowling music! I think the boys were the most competitive although Lara was pretty determined to pull off a win over Brooke. I think all the kids beat me. They had bumpers though.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Polar Express Party - and Santa Round 2

Ella, Jude, Gabe and I were all supposed to attend a Polar Express Christmas party at church on Sunday evening. However, after a fun filled day at the Titan's game - Jonathan got rather ill and Ella stayed home to watch him so I could take Jude to the party and drop him off. Jude apparently had a great time - I stole the pictures off Carmen's blog. Ella was not upset - she had the house to herself while Jude was gone and pretty much just watched tv and kept an eye on Daddy for the moments I wasn't there. She did get most of the goodies from the party though - book from the book exchange, a bell, candy cane and ornament to color. Thanks to Carmen, Becky, the Hills and all the rest that put in time and effort to make their party so great! Jude also sat in Santa's lap this morning at preschool so more Santa to come...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Here it is....

Ok girls, at long last here is the picture of the tree you have been wanting me to post. Let me say that I KNOW the lights are not on, I KNOW all the ornaments are below the waist and I KNOW probably two branches hold 90% the ornaments. Now, the question is will I put one up next year since I did this year. I have a six year repreive, right? Let me say I am NOT a Scrooge. I like Christmas music - I LOVE Christmas cookies and Christmas cards and oddly enough I even enjoy wrapping Christmas presents. On the other side, I DO NOT like digging the boxes out of my attic, moving things around OR putting all the stuff back. I am sorry if this comes off as Scroogeish but I DON'T LIKE IT! Anyway, here is the 08 tree and we will see about 09 - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
**disclaimer - let me say that I typed out this post pre-Christmas in the hustle and bustle of the season while trying to pack -so on and so forth...oddly enough, it is still true. It could be a tad Scroogeish but true none the less!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bonnie & Clyde

Ella knows how to tie shoes. Jude likes to untie shoes. This proved to be a bad combination underneath the table at Wendy's this afternoon - just ask Casey as he almost had to bunny hop out of the restaurant!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Daddy with the Birthday Girl

and Gabe in her new headband.

Bolt in 3D

The whole family went last Tuesday - and luckily we were the only people there! Jude's glasses stayed on about 10 mins...maybe.

Party Time

Reagan had her nails done too
all the loot
waiting so patiently
the bags
nail painting
Jude being sooo cooperative....
the boys
all smiles
Nana and Gabe

This year Ella's party "theme" was polka dots. We played Twister, polka dot Bingo, painted polka dot nails and my mom made cute polka dot purses as party favors. Of course the cupcakes and opening presents (including a yoga mat) was a favorite part too! Lofton and Jude were there for a few moments of the party but didn't last very long. Ella had a great time with her friends (Riley, Courtney, Bayleigh, Savannah and Emma) and I had fun too. Jonathan was in charge of pictures. Nana and Pepaw were in charge of Gabe!