Monday, December 8, 2008

Here it is....

Ok girls, at long last here is the picture of the tree you have been wanting me to post. Let me say that I KNOW the lights are not on, I KNOW all the ornaments are below the waist and I KNOW probably two branches hold 90% the ornaments. Now, the question is will I put one up next year since I did this year. I have a six year repreive, right? Let me say I am NOT a Scrooge. I like Christmas music - I LOVE Christmas cookies and Christmas cards and oddly enough I even enjoy wrapping Christmas presents. On the other side, I DO NOT like digging the boxes out of my attic, moving things around OR putting all the stuff back. I am sorry if this comes off as Scroogeish but I DON'T LIKE IT! Anyway, here is the 08 tree and we will see about 09 - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
**disclaimer - let me say that I typed out this post pre-Christmas in the hustle and bustle of the season while trying to pack -so on and so forth...oddly enough, it is still true. It could be a tad Scroogeish but true none the less!


Jana Thomas said...

I totally love your tree, Amy. It's so funny and just makes me love you for being real, even if you are a scrooge.