Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving - Part 1

I have my eyes closed in this picture...there were probably 30 taken so hopefully in one they weren't!
Making mints - and they were gooood!

Camden and Gabe meet!

Tree climbing

On Wednesday morning we hit to the road for Thanksgiving with the Merriman family (Jonathan's mom). The kids had fun playing with their cousins, climbing trees, doing "art", cooking, and just running around. The adults had fun eating...and catching up of course. I only took pictures of the tree climbing so the rest are "stolen" from Jamie. Oh, and Kathy had her tree up - Jude liked to turn the lights off and say in his evil voice "Christmas is ruined"....oh my. Also worth noting, Ella only took off her sunglasses to sleep for these two days.


joyof3boys said...

Too funny about the sunglasses

Amy Griffin said...

So, I neglected to check my grammar in this post and realized I used "of" for "off". Oddly enough, "of" is the only sight word Ella missed on her last test and we DROVE it into her head!