Thursday, December 18, 2008

Santa - FINAL round

We went to visit our favorite Santa Tuesday night at Opryland hotel. This year I was a little disappointed because they had turned a visit with Santa into a big money maker. They moved him to one of the ballrooms and had set up a whole gift shop, train and tree exhibit. They also had a booth for the ICE! which we did last year and it was the same. It just seemed more commercialized than in years past...anyway, the line was non existent so we got right in. They popped up on his lap and said "cheese". I think next year we are going to hit the Bass Pro Santa because I have heard from several sources that he is great and the pictures are free - if we can just keep the kids from begging us to buy hunting and or fishing equipment it will be worth it!


Jenn said...

Hey Amy! We just got back from the Bass Pro Shop here in Dallas and it was great...super set...real beard Santa and free pictures! The kids loved it and they did a great job!! :)