Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Christmas to Remember

one more picture

As we traveled home today with our car loaded with gifts and dirty clothes I began thinking of my blog - of how I would document Christmas of 2008. I thought I could break it up into 2 posts - MO and KY. I thought I could divide it up into 3 posts - one for each child...then I kept thinking about it and realized that those things would probably sound most like all other, I decided to have a semi-short post and then pictures - since they are worth a thousand words. Here is the short version of Christmas 08 -

Of course there were presents (oddly enough none of which will be remembered over the years - except maybe Jude's Batman trike), of course there was great food (2 batches of sugar cookies that disappeared in 2 days - and about 5 pounds of unwanted weight), there was a stomach bug, 65 degree weather as well as negative 10 degree weather, there were laughs - lots of laughs, there were late nights, there was blood (that has to do with the trike), there were also tears (mainly from the late nights, blood and laughing), there were gingerbread houses (which oddly enough had no candy on them by the time we left West Plains), there were loads of games (Wii, cards and dominoes) and many miles logged in the car with three small children (which are memories in and of themselves). All of these things were what made this Christmas 2008, but what made the Christmas actually Christmas was none of these things. Oddly enough, (and you won't hear me say this again) Hillary Clinton was right when she said "It takes a village to raise a child." What I appreciate this Christmas is sharing the past week with my family and friends. I love that my children are surrounded by so many people that love them as we do. I love that my children will never have to look for someone to trust or someone to talk to or someone to hug or someone to kiss a boo boo or someone to support them or someone to ...well you get the picture. And as all of the gifts that they received were appreciated, the time and love are even more appreciated. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! (I am also saying that it may take me longer to detox them than it will for me to loose the 5 pounds...just kidding)


Joni said...

Ouch! That looks like a pretty bad accident!

Owings Family said...

What a great post! The PJ's are fantastic and so "Griffin"! :) Merry Christmas!