Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanks Owings family!

Today went like this: drop off Ella at 7:30 am, go back home and pick up Jonathan, Jude and Gabe, drop off Jude, drop off Jonathan, go get haircut, go to mall to finish Christmas shopping, go back to White House and pick up Jonathan for lunch, drop him back off at work and stay for about 30 minutes to put in some insurance payments, pick up Ella, pick up Jude, go to gymnastics, pick up Jonathan and go is the exciting part - when we get to the front door we have a gift from the Owings family. It was Cracker Barrel in a box!! We got inside and made some dinner - well Jonathan and Ella made dinner while Jude played trains, Gabe watched and I cleaned out lunchboxes, went through the mail and started laundry. Thanks Owings family - I had already made the executive decision for family cereal night - this was a treat!