Saturday, December 13, 2008

Office Party

Group picture take 2
Group picture take 1

Kelyn loved dancing with Kaiden - even went in for a kiss

Check out Jonathan trying to get the bowling ball at the end of the lane

Gabe does not want to watch

I really did not mean to take this...he was carrying the ball by himself but then he slipped and fell. It had to have hurt.

Trying again - and being coached.

Ethan getting help from Mommy

Aaron having to get the ball.

Jude's turn to dance with Kelyn.

Showing off their shoes

Last night was our Christmas party with the fabulous people we are privileged to work with. So, with 6 children in tow (all 6 and under as well as one on the way) - half of them being ours.... - we headed to Jimmy Johns for subs, Maggie Moos for ice cream and then to the Family Fun Center for bowling. There were a few tears, as you can imagine, but also LOTS of laughs and dancing! The kids - and Jonathan - loved the bowling music! I think the boys were the most competitive although Lara was pretty determined to pull off a win over Brooke. I think all the kids beat me. They had bumpers though.


Derek and Michelle said...

Looks like fun; not the typical boring Christmas party!

Owings Family said...

How fun!!! FYI... KooKoo Bear Kids for the stockings. Too cute!

hornefamily said...

Looks like it was a huge success and EVERYONE had a good time. Wish we could be so low key on our end!!!