Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving - Part 2


Waiting for the parade

Gabe's first parade
Wiped out on Sunday afternoon!

After filling our bellies on Thursday and more visiting, we headed back to White House. We got up on Friday morning and hit the road again for Mayfield for Thanksgiving round 2. Friday was eating, resting and going to visit Chrysti-Carol as she kept watch over Travis in the hospital. Saturday was lunch at Hill's where we met Tia and her family as well as Jay with his family and Misty. Santa was also there. We did a little shopping and hit the parade Saturday night. Carla and Uncle Joe were there with their three dogs. It was not boring with the three dogs and three kids. We also had lunch with Uncle Kim and Aunt Brenda after church on Sunday. Now back home and time to rest - I mean to do laundry and unpack and get ready for Ella's birthday!


Jenny said...

Looks like you settled on a baby carrier. It's so cute! Do you love it? We like our baby bjorn, but I'm just curious about the other kinds that are out there!