Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A week off!

As they "phase" Ella into Kindergarten she went 3 days last week then only 45 mins yesterday for testing for this week. I don't know that I would necessarily call that a phase in but maybe. Anyway, as I have stated previously, last week was so hard for me - letting her go, getting up early, the car rider line and so on....Guess what? This week I am ready for her to go back! We had fun yesterday spending time together but she oh so needs to be in school! All of that to say, I am happy to announce that I am finally ready and I am feeling pretty confident that I can make it through next week - and that I would never make it as a home schooler! There is always Fall and Spring breaks, right?


The Nesbitt's said...

I totally understand. Let us professionals deal with the five year olds. I am just jealous of the teachers in your county. We are already well into the year!

Carmen said...

Yes, and there is always the bus for those days when you just can't deal with car lines and nasty, angry people! :)

I am proud of you. I know it was hard, but I also think your hormones didn't help matters.