Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quick Story

I spent a couple of moments today reflecting - as Ella was at work with me - on the days that Ella came to work with me every day when she was two. (Don't worry, no tears) Anyway, I can think of SO many moments of my near insanity and also my moments of feeling so blessed to be able to bring her with me. The story that I thought of today is this:

Ella was 'supposed' to be taking a nap in the playroom and I was in the front doing what I do. I was on the other line and my second line rang a couple of times. I noticed that it was answered. It took me to a second to realize that it was Jonathan's "office" - which is the playroom. I went back there to find Ella standing in the window on the phone. Apparently the conversation with the patient went like this:

Ella: Hello
Patient: Hi, is this Dr. Griffin's office?
Ella: yep
Patient: Can I make an appointment?
Ella: Do you have a car?
Patient: Yes, why?
Ella: Because you need one to get here....

I walked in at this point and the conversation was over. Luckily the patient was a good sport and made an appointment anyway and yes, she did have a car.

*TO CLARIFY - this happened when Ella was 2. I was just thinking about it today*


Jenny said...

That's a great story!

hornefamily said...

I love it. I am sure there are MANY more. Sometimes I wish I could say that to patients. You are so lucky to have such a great kid set up at the office.

Nikki said...

That is great. It is wonderful that she got to go with you to work. It is so hard to leave Sailor right now for me. Love the pizza story too. You can never tell too many funny stories about your kids, sometimes only a mom understands!