Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kindergarten test day

Ella had her first "test" today for Kindergarten. She did well but knew things we didn't think she would get right then balked on things she has knows since she was two (like her address)! We took her to lunch afterward to eat Mexican - her choice but Jonathan still thinks I put her up to it - she got a pedicure, Sonic slushy AND got to pick a toy at Wal-Mart. It was a good day to be Ella except for now she is broken out in a terrible rash and does not feel well. Maybe there is too much of a good thing? or it could be the 19 mosquito bites she got while playing outside Sunday evening.


hornefamily said...

Pedicure, girl after my own heart. Seriously, I got one about once a week the last month when I was pregnant. My Dr. said it was fine and thought it would help with all of my swelling. Now, the girls who had to work on my feet would always ask if they could massage all that fluid and if it hurt. I would always say" I need this and knead away and try and get rid of it." You both deserved it!