Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shower (or Pool) for Baby #3

The girls!
Posing with the diaper cake
Lil' stinker onsie
Ella DYING to eat cake
Victoria with her creation - which was great!!
Ms. Sandy was there and Jude could not get enough!

The girls at the office so graciously threw us a baby shower yesterday. Ella was very excited. She took a 2 hour nap after school and was ready for the baby pool - I told her baby shower but it was easily confused. She didn't understand why it was called a baby shower and when we got there Jude just asked where the baby was. The girls had some GREAT food. It was Mexican themed and I could have eaten all night but then I would not have had room for Victoria's cake -which she made ALL from scratch and it was extremely yummy! The baby got some great gifts and it was so sweet of them to stay late at work for us. Jonathan actually joined in on the action playing the baby food game where he tasted all of them...gross - and only missed one (and the tie breaker just for fun - it was mac n cheese). Thanks again girls!!!


Owings Family said...

Amy you look great!!! I felt like a walking (waddling) watermelon when I was 8-9 months preggo! How nice of the girls to plan a shower. I vote boy! (But I just KNEW I was having a girl so what do I know?!)