Monday, August 11, 2008

Jude's appointment

Great news on the Vitiligo home front! The dermatologist said the most common questions are: Why? and How Bad? Oddly enough, the only two questions that can't be answered. He did say that pigment loss is usually symmetrical and the fact that it was only on one side of his body says that a.) he can most likely stop it, b.) he can most likely re pigment it (easily) and c.) it is very likely there will NOT be any other issues to deal with. He gave us a cream to use on him twice a day and we go back in 3 months to have it re-evaluated. He did say that he would be more prone to having areas that lost pigment if he scraped his knees, or any other body part. They recommended that he wear knee and elbow pads if her ever played street hockey. The intern said she doubted that is mom would ever let him do that (probably because I burst into tears when the nurse came in...I told you, it was ALL day) He also said that Jude was a "very cool kid", which we think so too.


Owings Family said...

Yea Jude! I'm so glad that you got some good news on this day. I can't imagine being 8 months preggo, dropping Ella off for her 1st day, and getting to the dermatologist for Jude all in one day! You deserved a few good cries!