Monday, August 25, 2008

It seems just like yesterday....

Today starts the first "full" week of school for Ella. For the next two weeks the focus is on colors. One would hope they would know their colors before Kindergarten but I guess it is just something fun for them to do and an easy start (I really don't mean anything bad by that comment, just a thought). Anyway, they are to dress in a certain color this week and next. Ella and I went through her clothes last week to pick out this week's attire. Then I had the great idea (and I use that phrase loosely) to paint her fingernails to match so yesterday we went to Target to pick out the polish. I will post a picture of her with the purchases later.

Anyway, on to the title of the post....Remember the story of her being afraid to go into school by herself and then saying "remember that time I was scared" and I said "you mean yesterday?". Well today, I decided to bring it up. This time I said "remember when you used to be scared to go into school?" and she said "yep, it seems just like it was yesterday". It made me laugh.

On a side note, it is only 8:53 a.m. and Jude is already missing Ella - and by that I mean he is hanging out under my feet!! One more side note - is it bad that she asked me on the way to school why I was wearing my glasses - am I embarrassing already???


Owings Family said...

Too cute! I think it will be great for Jude to have a distraction when Baby Griffin arrives! Can you believe the day is almost here!

Collette said...

Jared used to make me kiss him two blocks from school so no one would see!!He was so bored when the girls were in school I woul dlet him wash tupperware! He would stand for hours in a chair at the sink washing tuperware over and over!! Your stories take me back..enjoy every minute!!