Monday, August 18, 2008

LONG overdue visit that was too short

Caroline arranging the pose
no cooperation!
Jack and Ella
Ella and Caroline
Jack was in some costume at all times!
Ella and Jack paddling off.

Carolee brought her kids (well only 2) to visit us for one short night that was long overdue! All the kids had a great time. Some of the highlights were the slip-n-slide, puppet shows, markers, costumes and on Monday morning swimming and playground. I regrettably only got my camera out for the pool and playground event! Sorry Carolee, I didn't get any pictures of you!


hornefamily said...

Oh my goodness the Sandlin kids are so grown up! Does Caroline have her driver's license yet? I am sure you all had a great time.

Owings Family said...

I second that! Jack has changed so much and is looking like a "mini Chris". Thank you for posting the pics, it's been so long since we've seen the Sandlins. I'm glad you had a nice visit and I'm sure Carolee was able to take your mind of the preggo! :)