Monday, August 25, 2008

This looks bad

Okay, so this picture looks bad considering the previous post of Jude wearing Ella's dress up shoes. The reason behind it was that Jonathan lives vicariously through Jude's long hair and does not want me to cut it. I was having a little trouble with it yesterday for church so I put it up and sent him to tell Jonathan he was ready. Jonathan is the one who said he needed his picture taken. Yes, he does look happy about it in the picture but that is only because I have him trained to smile when a camera is out...He was ready for the ponytail - or whatever you would call it - to come out! He also has breakfast all over his face!


hornefamily said...

I showed Mark and we both can't stop laughing. He does look cute with the up do. Maybe he does need a brother!!!

Derek and Michelle said...

I tried to grow Ben's hair out and I just couldn't do it. He got a haircut after 2 months. Jude will look like a little surfer dude!!

The Nesbitt's said...

Too Cute. Reesi got a major haircut and they took off a little too much. I think Jude's hair is actually longer than Reesi's!