Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wii family night, using a "Gotta Go" and trampoline madness

I am going to combine several events into one post for two reasons 1.) maybe not so boring and 2.) it won't take so long!

Mimi, Pops, Jamie, Kingston, Kathy and Lori stopped by our house on the way home from Michigan on Sunday evening for dinner and a potty break. We then made the attempt to go to church which by the time we were out of the neighborhood, Jonathan had to turn around and bring me home because I was sick (not the reason for the "Gotta Go" post title)....ANYWAY, the evening ended with Wii night. Ella and I took on Jonathan and Jude. Ella beat everyone in the bowling competition, Jonathan won the boxing (although with combined scores Ella and I won) and Jonathan won the baseball (again, Jude's poor showing on baseball enabled Ella and I to win with a combined score). It was fun and only one remote was thrown by Jude who has apparently entered the terrible twos at three!

On Monday Carmen and I walked the kids to the city park which was fun but of course not long after arriving Jude announces the need for poo poo. "Gotta Gos" are no fun - anytime, however when you are the one that has gotta go it makes it a little easier. Saying that, it was NO fun for me to enter the potty for several reasons - the first being I didn't need to go, the second, it was HOT outside and the third (although there are more) it was with a 3 year old. So we get in there and when he realizes what it is he says "I can hold it." Knowing "hold it" meant he would eventually poop his pants, I could not let that happen. So with one foot holding the door open, my shirt over my nose and holding onto Jude because he was afraid he would fall in, he let it go. The words "DISGUSTING and GROSS" were both used - by him. But in the end, he got the job done and then in true boy spirit he wanted to see in the "hole". Okay, so I did let him and he was satisfied with a job well done...nasty.

We did enjoy a Sonic slushy afterward, a long nap, slip-n-slide with Lofton and Landon and dinner and ice cream with the McConnells - which leads to the trampoline madness. I think the pictures speak for themselves. It lasted until around 8:00 when I could not stand the mosquitoes any longer! Pictured are of course, Ella, Jude, Lofton, Landon, Emma, Clark and Gwen (the last three are our neighbors).


Owings Family said...

HA!!!! It's a good thing Eli is not napping or I would have definitely woke him with my laughing!!!! Poor Jude. I can't believe the bathroom drama of the Griffin family continues!