Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Little Gentleman

I have to blog this because when he is a teenager and I wonder where he came from I want to remember that he is a sweet boy deep inside...

That to say that obviously raising boys is different than raising girls - I am sure most of you know that but I will continue on. I want him to be a boy that is polite and respectful to girls. It does not always work but at least we are trying. For instance, when we leave in the morning he holds the door open for me and says "Ladies First" in the sweetest little voice. I am working on having him do this for all ladies and all doors but I will take what I can get. Anyway, on to the phone conversation I had with him mere moments ago. It went like this (only the Jude part was in broken just turned 3 yrs old language - but I knew what he said):

Jude: Hey Mama, what are you doing?
Me: Just watching some tv, Jude, what are you doing?
Jude: I am talking on the phone to you.
Jude: I see your picture. It is in the living room.
Me: You do?
Jude: Yes, you are very pretty.
Me: Jude, you are such a gentleman.
Jude: I know. I love you Mama - Do you want to talk to Ewwa (Ella)?

May not seem like much but my heart melted.


Carmen said...

Lofton once told me I was a cute momma, which I am guessing is not as high on the totem pole as a very pretty momma. Boys are so sweet, but do you sometimes think that they learn to suck up early?! ha ha

Good work with teaching him to be respectful to ladies. I have been trying this myself, but I need to pull Phillip into it more; kids mimic what they see. This will benefit Lofton and me! :)

The Nesbitt's said...

So sweet. Sure does make you want them to never grow up!

Derek and Michelle said...

So cute!!! I love him!!