Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Near Decapitation

Sounds pretty bad to be the title of a post but it really is quite funny - at Ella's expense. The kids returned from Nana and Pepaw's house on Saturday and after a very long and apparently much needed nap they went down to play with Riley and Reagan. Riley and Ella were taking a ride in the Jeep when Riley had a very good idea to drive under the trampoline. Apparently the word "DUCK" did not register with Ella and as Riley ducked her head and cleared the trampoline with ease, Ella did not. The side of her head hit the metal trampoline and sent her out the side. I was not there but to hear Ella re-enact the story is pretty funny. She said "Riley told me to duck but I didn't know what she meant." Carmen thinks she was looking for the yellow swimming animal....who knows but Jonathan took this picture last night of her and Reesi and you can see it on the right side of her head. I may try to get a better picture later but for now the girls are gone golfing with the boys.


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The Nesbitt's said...

Ouch! I could really see it when I maximized it, but I bet she knows what duck means now.