Monday, July 28, 2008

Playing in the rain

Hiding in the "house"
They were fighting over the umbrella until I said "say Cheese"! He's got moves
What we have seen of Jude most of the summer

We went to the pool today but oddly enough it was even too hot for the pool (or at least to me)! We stayed about an hour then came home. The kids wanted to eat their lunch outside so they were sitting at the picnic table waiting for me to fix it when it started raining. Of course this was WAY more fun than eating. It cooled it off - a little.


The Nesbitt's said...

Rain!? We didn't get any.
Also, very impressive that they stop their fight to say cheese. You have them trained so well.

Owings Family said...

You are going to have too many pics to choose from for Jude's senior yearbook!!! Too cute!

hornefamily said...

Rain? Ummm yeah not a drop here! Love the shot of Jude's butt!