Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pre-July 4th Celebration

Last week Ella's teacher sent home a note saying they were having a July 4th "parade". Each child was to decorate a float and bring it to school on the 3rd along with bathing suits and red, white and blue attire. We settled on taking the scooter - mainly because it is easy to transport. Although Jude's class was not involved in the parade, they did participate in water day and pizza. When Ella got up this morning she went over the rules with me "I need $4, a swimsuit, towel, wear red, white and blue and don't forget to apply my sunscreen." She apparently was listening when the instructions were handed out. So, as Jonathan headed off the work early we got ready for water day. Applying sunscreen to two moving kids is not an easy task in and of least when you feel like the Kung Fu Panda. We got all our gear - towels, clothes, money, float and cupcakes (that Jude could not take on Tuesday because he was still running a fever and did not go to school) - outside for me to take the mandatory picture. Afterward, the cupcakes were turned over, Jude was lying down in the yard in tears and I still had to get the trash to the curb for pick up. Jonathan lucked out getting to work early!


Owings Family said...

I want to see a preggo pic!

The Nesbitt's said...

But you still managed to fit in a photo opp! You're good!