Monday, March 2, 2009

Tea for Two....and more!

Birthday boy
Birthday girl

Ella "helping" Reesi
Makeover! Jude had one too but was not going to be documented with purple blush on.

Snacking at their self serve tea party - they did great and ate EVERYTHING!

Gabe posing with the birthday girl

Ella and Lofton

Reesi invited us all down to her house for a birthday celebration this weekend. The occasion: Larry and Reesi's birthday - The setting: tea party - The outcome: one spill, makeovers for Ella, Reesi and Jude, Landon "finding the garage", visiting with friends and loads of food consumed. Thanks for the invitation Reesi and we hope you and your daddy have a great birthday at Disney World! - thanks for the pictures I "stole" off your blog, Joni.


The Nesbitt's said...

Thanks for coming all the way down. Reesi had a blast and we found a sweet little note from Ella the next morning.