Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Break

Take 3

Take 2

Take 1

The Two finger suck...Gabe's favorite (Nana is in this picture but was cut out - sorry Nana)!

Pepaw takes a spin

That car was tiny!


We love to swim.

I am a little, okay, alot delayed in my Spring Break post. I love blogging but am having a hard time finding time to load pictures! In a nutshell here is what Spring Break consisted of - Friday through Tuesday: Gatlinburg with Nana and Pepaw. We went to the indoor water park (no pictures), caught up on some relaxing, ate at the Pancake Pantry, Apple Barn and the very best pizza place ever (don't know the name but really is something like what I said), ran (very little), kiddie amusement park, indoor swimming, a Santa convention (complete with parade and reindeer that only Ella was around to enjoy) and a bird show in the lobby which both kids - along with Nana and Pepaw enjoyed. Ella got to stay an extra day and then we hit the zoo with Megan, Mark and Jessica on Friday. It was Megan's first trip (Gabe's too) so the big kids showed them the ropes.