Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pops and Mimi take another Monday

Since I have picked up working on Mondays I have needed ALL the help I can get. As I have said before, Nana has been gracious enough to make the trip on Sunday evenings to stay with Jude on Monday and pick Ella up from school, make dinner, fold laundry....you know all the stuff you would have to pay most people for but Grandparents do it for FREE! This past Monday Pops and Mimi came for Round Two of Monday Duty!! Sunday was also Pops birthday so we cooked him some dinner complete with dirt cake (Ella's idea). Pops did some yard work, cooking and some handyman chores around the house and office while Mimi was on a major book reading spree to help with Ella's 100 books. She also hung with her personal trainer - Jude...he can really work you out! We took Pops to Bass Pro to pick out a birthday gift then to Macaroni Grill on Tuesday then they headed out. Thanks again for coming to help...we appreciate it!