Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting Grades In Kindergarten!

Ella got her end of the nine weeks report card. As the sight words now number 121 she did great - 120 out of 121 (she missed "saw" - not that we are focusing on that, just saying). She also had her very first spelling test. She made 110! You would think she would be really proud of herself but when I asked her about that she just said - yeah, I did good. I guess that is great, but sometimes I think she doesn't realize what she is doing in Kindergarten?! This month was the month to read 100 books....we have been reading like crazy people and have put away 110 books! Anyway, I can't believe we are winding down her first year of school. It has gone by so quickly.


Barber's Blog said...

Don't start crying! You can make it!

The Nesbitt's said...

Can you believe it is almost time for first grade?! It's crazy how old our kids are getting!