Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Greatest Superhero of All Time?

Carmen taught a great Sunday school lesson on Jesus coming to save us and being our superhero (well I know it was great even though we were late and missed the majority of it). We did however come in on the Super Jesus (like Superman) badge making which was basically a Superman symbol with a J on the inside that had their memory verse on the back - it was really cute Carmen. Carmen poised the question "Who is the greatest Superhero that came to save us - his name starts with a J?" Naturally Jude thought it was him and answered the question with confidence. Unfortunately, he was wrong but we all laughed at him. He found humor in it at the time but does not want me talking about it now.


csandlin said...

I love that, jack has always LOVED superheroes, what a great way to incorporate that into a sunday school lesson.