Tuesday, October 7, 2008

WHCA Fish Fry

Saturday was the annual WHCA Fish Fry. It was a little trickier (is that a word) this year due to the fact that I had 3 kids to keep up with - not that Gabe was going anywhere but still. As soon as we got there Jude spotted his beloved Purity truck and Josh (the truck's driver). Josh let him and Ella get in the driver's seat and then showed them around the back of the truck. Ella asked Jude if he thought there would be lots of ice cream in there...but there wasn't - according to Ella, just a bunch of pickles. We then got our pictures made at a booth and pretty much after that I Ella ran off with Riley, Jude was hanging with Lofton, Audie or Jenna and I was cleaning baby poop off a baby. As usual, the food was great. At the end of the day Jude actually helped out by throwing the fish into the meal and flour (at least I think it was meal and flour). Regardless, he was a fishy mess by the time we left.