Friday, October 3, 2008

Meggy's visit

Yesterday Jessica and Megan came to spend the day. Megan was such a good girl. She did salivate after Gabe's paci but showed great restraint and left them alone! It's a good thing Jess was here because I had to frantically run out the door to pick up Ella, cookie dough order then Jude. I was having such a good time visiting that I forgot. Jess held down the fort with Megan taking a nap and Gabe hanging out. They also brought us a great dinner. Mark made curried chicken pot pie and Jessica made brownies and a was WONDERFUL! They did stay around for the chaos of Ella and Jude coming home. Ella enjoyed playing with Megan and Jude notified Jessica when Megan was heading upstairs. I am so thankful for great friends - thanks again for the visit guys!


hornefamily said...

We had a great day with all of the Griffins. Thanks for letting us come play. Gabe is so sweet and Megan enjoyed playing with the big kids. Megan was worn out last night! See you soon.