Monday, October 13, 2008

Family of five road trip

We did it, we made it, we are here. Honestly the trip was pretty uneventful. One thing I have learned is that 5 people have to go to the bathroom - ALOT! A few funny incidences...Jude HAD to go while I was sitting in a grocery store parking lot with the three of them. He was very happy to get to pee on the tire. I also decided to change Gabe's diaper in the empty seat and he proceeded to pee over my shoulder into the parking lot...but then a slight shift caused things inside the car to get wet. Jonathan had his own bathroom issues but I won't get into that - and I thought it was the girls who always had the problems with bathrooms?


Derek and Michelle said...

No what you mean! The kids have gotten pretty good peeing outside!

Kevin said...

I also know what you mean because I have been on a roadtrip with Jonathan...not good!

Carmen said...

So what is worse- the bathroom incidents or riding home from the beach with Jonathan after he has had a week of seafood? ha ha