Monday, September 29, 2008

Uncle Joe and Carla

Jude - in his underwear!
Ella - before she smacked Jonathan in the face
Uncle Joe and Ella
Uncle Joe with Superman
The whole gang!

Gabe and his new football

We had visitors this weekend. Uncle Joe and Carla came to meet Gabe. They came bearing gifts. Jude got a baseball bat/hitting contraption which was loved by him and Ella. Unfortunately Jonathan learned a hard lesson about keeping your head out of the baseball bat's line of fire. He was whacked in the head - by Ella. Ella received a Barbie pediatrician set - which of course she loves. The more pieces the better for her. Jude was even playing with it yesterday. Gabe got his own football. Jude got the same gift when he was born 3 years ago! We had a good visit and I think the kids got Uncle Joe and Carla good and worn out! Thanks for coming to see us Uncle Joe and Carla!!