Monday, September 1, 2008

Pure Plagiarism.....

**for the "full" effect, click on Roxanne on my playlist to the right of the screen then proceed**

The kids being bounced by the "adults".

He was much better after the sunglasses were added!
How old are we?This game was well worth the money for these pictures alone!

So, I could just direct you to Joni's blog to see the pictures of our Labor Day weekend complete with Rock Band but then I would not have it for my book. I am crediting Joni for 1.) taking the pictures 2.) writing the blog and 3.) along with Carmen and Marilyn keeping an eye on the you can assume I did not do much. What can I say, it was hot? Oh wait, I did make some cookies!

Here is Joni's description of the evening:

"Yes, I believe Roxanne was the hit of the night. As the girls sit at the kitchen table talking, we hear Casey's 99% accuracy rendition of Roxanne and just wish we had some way of recording it. That was our Saturday night: trampoline, mosquitoes, Phillip's cooking, E.T., naked Jude, gender selection techniques, and Wii's Rockband. That pretty much sums up another night at the Griffin's"


Carmen said...

I had to stop and think about what she was talking about when she said "gender techniques." I think I erased that from my memory.

The Nesbitt's said...

Oh, come on, give yourself some credit. You were cleaning the whole time while I just stood and watched! I have never known you to be too idle.

hornefamily said...

The boys look like quite the band. Nice work and quite entertaining to watch. Will they be touring soon?